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Sport is loved and lived by so many around the world. In fact, it is estimated that 64 % of people in the world are said to watch sport. It is perhaps the unexpected nature of a sport that makes it so popular.


We have worked with some of the greatest sports stars from around the world, including those who have overcome adversity, reached peak performance and showcased the drive and determination to maximise success. Providing sports speakers from all manner of sports, they can expertly discuss teamwork, leadership and motivation to inspire your team.


Made up of Olympians, Paralympians, sportsmen, journalists, managers, commentators, celebrities and sporting personalities, these speakers have the passion to inspire, motivate and entertain at your event. Household names in their own right, sports speakers are highly respected in the public speaking circuit due to their dedication to motivating others. 


How Can Sports Speakers Benefit Businesses?


Sports speakers, thanks to their participation in the sporting world, have developed a set of skills unique to their experiences. Dedicated, fiercely competitive and able to push themselves to achieve peak performance, the strategies these speakers have gained from sport can be applied to the corporate world. To be a successful business owner, you need to have a strong sense of self-belief, a personality trait that these speakers have perfected. 


With their witty anecdotes and heartfelt stories, your team will be captivated by these sports speakers. An event featuring one of these speakers will be a catalyst for change in your working environment, as their inspirational experiences motivate audiences to value rest as much as they value pushing beyond the comfort zone.

Sports Speakers
Mark Matthews - Headshot
Mark Matthews | 04th November 2021
From the Women’s Football World Cup to Wimbledon, many high-profile sporting events are scheduled each year. These competitions continue to produce some of the greatest athletes in human history, leading to a wide range of sports stars available to…
Olympic torch
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 14th June 2019
Paralympians are different types of athletes, with some form of disability each one exhibits the determination, bravery and hard work needed to win gold. Each athlete has their own tale to tell, so take a look at our list of Paralympic speakers…
Peter Beardsley
Peter Beardsley
Peter Beardsley | 06th June 2019
We caught up with former Newcastle United, Liverpool and England winger, Peter Beardsley to get his thoughts on England and The Nations League. 
10 F1 Speakers Just In Time For Silverstone 2019
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 10th May 2019
In less than two months, twenty of the worlds greatest Formula 1 drivers are taking to the British stage; the Silverstone race track. So far the season has proved to us that anything can happen in F1, from heartstopping crashes to inspiring…