How to Improve Mental Health: Top Tips for Workplace Wellbeing

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Top Tips For Improving Mental Health In The Workplace

The backbone of any business is its employees, the foundation upon which a brand can grow and thrive. From apprentices to the CEO, every member of a team needs to perform their role at the highest standard. So, what's the secret to a high-performance workplace? Employee wellbeing.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 is dedicated to just that. With the theme of anxiety, The Mental Health Foundation promotes the importance of positive mental health through campaigns, services and online advice available for business owners. In aid of Mental Health Awareness Week, take a look at our top tips for improving mental health in the workplace.


What is Mental Health Awareness Week?

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event that recognises the challenges faced by those with mental health issues. For the entire week, organisations, charities and businesses fundraise for mental health charities, like Mind, and spread awareness for social issues that lead to poor wellbeing. Workplaces across the UK also recognise Mental Health Awareness Week to support the one in six working adults who experience mental ill health. 

In 2023, Mental Health Awareness Week took place from the 15th to the 21st of May.

3 Tips for Better Workplace Wellbeing

Is your workplace suffering from low motivation and poor wellbeing? It is a business owner's responsibility to create a positive, supportive environment for their employees. Read our top tips for better workplace wellbeing in our latest post. 

Tip 1: Positive Work/Life Balance

Though expecting your employees to consistently work overtime may produce short-term gain, in the long term, it can increase workplace turnover and decrease employee wellbeing. By encouraging your team to take regular breaks and holidays, the time that they spend at their desk will be significantly more productive.

One of the main methods is relaxing your office hours when necessary. The opportunity for remote working presents your employees with one simple message, "I trust you". Life is full of surprises, from cars breaking down to family emergencies, so give your team one last thing to worry about through a flexible working policy.

Tip 2: Workplace Support

Mental health initiatives in the workplace can drastically improve your employee's wellbeing. Healthy snacks, yoga classes and mindfulness training are just some of the positive workshops that you can provide, specifically designed to increase mental wellbeing. As some employees may not have access to such outlets, you will be not just encouraging but giving members of your team a chance to improve their emotional and physical health.

The benefits of such initiatives run deeper than out-of-work support, and they can also improve the quality of teamwork within your company. By bringing employees together in a positive environment, bonds can be made within the group that encourages productivity and camaraderie, ultimately resulting in a high-performance team.

Tip 3: Book Mental Health Speakers

An external influence can enlighten a new, united perspective within your workplace. Our speakers are experts in mental health and productivity, armed with strategies for employee wellbeing. They can make a visible difference in your team.

Samantha Clarke

Samantha Clarke has dedicated her life to workplace culture, happiness and business. Through her podcast and multiple publications, she is redefining the standard for business owners and their employee's mental health. When booked for events, she can connect with managers and employees alike, striking a common appreciation for wellbeing. From managing stress to solving workplace tension, Samantha holds the key to positive mental health.

A huge thank you, Samantha! The delivery and content were incredible! The content was spot on for our requirements and we couldn’t have picked a better speaker for our employees. Look forward to working with you again. - Josh, MediaCom UK

Kelly Holmes

Inspiring Olympian Kelly Holmes has experienced the dizzying heights of success first-hand. However, she has also suffered through the damaging effects of such a high-pressure environment, a leading topic of her mental health podcast. Kelly connects with audiences on a personal level, relating to their struggles and inspiring a new, more positive mindset within the workplace.

Kelly did a fabulous job in delivering the brief that she was set. She is so natural, and nice, that the messages she delivers (in her own style) really strike home and her frankness about her own personal journey added to this. The whole site was absolutely buzzing about Kelly’s visit. - Unilever

Dr Kate Allatt

Winner of the 2011 Extraordinary Woman Award, Kate Allatt is an inspiring survivor of Locked-In Syndrome, a terrifying condition that traps people in their bodies. She has since pioneered such campaigns as #strokerecovery and #stillme, which encouraged an honest conversation about Locked-In Syndrome. Such an experience makes Kate the ideal speaker, as she can relate to corporate audiences and their battles with mental health illnesses.

How do I book a mental health speaker?

To book one of our influential mental health speakers, simply contact The Motivational Speakers Agency by filling in our online contact form or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 0787 876.

Sophia Hayes Official Author Picture
Sales Director

Sophia Hayes joined the family business in 2011 as Magazine Sales Director and Sports Manager. She has spent the last decade managing the Aspirational and Inspirational Magazines,  which were named “the best independent magazine[s] in the UK” by Gucci’s marketing department. Glossy and luxurious, Sophia’s keen eye for lifestyle, fashion and business is solidified by the magazines’ success.

In 2013, Sophia was appointed Head of Sales, before progressing to Sales Director in 2015. She is responsible for overseeing our awards sponsorships, charity auctions and many other sales avenues that contribute to success. At such events, Sophia has worked with motivational speakers across several industries, including adventurers and explorers. We are proud of the outstanding events organised by the Sales and Events team, and credit the notoriety of such events to Sophia.

With a 2:1 in Politics and Business Management from Loughborough University, Sophia’s academic and professional knowledge make The Motivational Speakers Agency the company it is today. She is a bright personality in the office, a keen advocate for mental health and resilience Sophia is a key member of the team!

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