How to Pick Professional Speakers for Your Conference

Luke Vials
How to Pick Professional Speakers for Your Conference

For the most part, the overall success of your conference depends on the professional conference speakers you choose and their effectiveness in engaging with an audience. If those in attendance can connect with the speakers before them, there is a far greater chance that they will come away with some highly useful information and deem the whole event a resounding success.

It is therefore imperative that the time is taken to pick the right conference speakers who fit perfectly in with the goals for your event and will provide the right, useful information to the guests. Here are six quick-fire tips for picking experts for your event:

Previous Experience

When searching through lists of speakers, be sure to look for their previous engagements to see whether they have appeared at any similar events to the one you are planning. If they have, there’s a strong chance they will be able to adapt quickly to your aims for the conference, having had previous experience, and therefore form an integral part of the occasion.

Look for Testimonials

Testimonials are a great trust builder so if any of the professional speakers on your shortlist have had positive reviews in the past, this should give you some extra confidence in deciding whether or not they are the one for you.

Areas of Expertise

Each and every speaker will have their own areas of expertise, so whether you are looking for a motivator, entrepreneur, leadership expert or polar explorer, be sure to assess the topics in which they specialise so you can perfectly synchronise them into the planned topics of the conference.

Entertainment Value Vs. Message Portrayal

This is arguably one of the trickiest aspects to get right as you need to make sure your speakers are entertaining enough to keep all those listening engaged with what they are saying, yet also make sure they are getting the key message of the speech across clearly and eloquently without any confusion or distraction.

Once you have shortlisted a few potential speakers, discuss with each on the approach they would take and come to a happy medium that suits both you and the speaker as well as appeals to the audience.

The Cost

As with purchasing anything, cost, of course, comes into the equation so it’s important that you have a set budget put aside to cover the cost of the speakers for your conference and you stick to it. The last thing you want to happen is to spend all of your budget on speakers only to then be left scrimping on other key areas such as the venue, set-up and food.

See Them in Action

If there is the opportunity to see any of your potential speakers live ahead of the event, make sure you jump at the chance. If you are engaged with their speech whilst in the audience, there’s a good chance your own audience will be at your event.

If you can’t get to see them live, utilise the internet to search for videos of their work to discover the type of events they have performed at previously, the style of their speeches and some of the topics they cover.

Hire a Speaker

With all of these tips on board, you should be well on the way to picking the right conference speakers for your conference. Good luck and should you need any further advice or information on speakers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at The Motivational Speakers Agency who will be more than happy to help.