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The world of travel and transport is an ever-changing field, continuously innovating to ensure the future of our movement is sustainable, fast and free. Many areas make up this vast topic, and at The Motivational Speakers Agency, we work with hundreds of the leading authorities.

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Speaking on topics that range from air travel to green technology, transport policies to the space race, expert transport and travel speakers conjure up fascinating industry insight and stories from their own experiences.

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The Space Race

The space race is back and as exciting as ever. Not since we had that 'one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind' have people spoken about space travel so glowingly. Space is seemingly not out of reach for the average consumer, with SpaceX and Virgin Galactic at the heart of innovations.

Air Travel

Air travel is evolving with fast travel times becoming a focus for all major airlines. While military jets have been flying at the speed of sound for some time, it doesn't come without a deafening sound. That's why NASA is testing supersonic technology for smoother, quieter and faster air travel. Meanwhile, the European Space Agency is testing the Spaceplane which can travel 25 times the speed of sound and will be able to link-up New York and London in just 60 minutes.

Commercial airlines have to been attempting to cut flight times too, while they face the problem of growing fuel prices. And 'green' is not a word lost on airline management either as they plan to cut their emissions considerably over the coming years, all competing to outdo each other in this area.

Green Technology

The largest shift in focus is on sustainability. 'Green' is now the buzzword on the lips of all involved in transport and travel. Electric cars are being fazed in and automotive companies are attempting to prove they are more than prepared for the transition from fossil-fuelled cars to environmentally-friendly machines.

City centre taxis and buses are beginning to lead the way, showing that green is not only possible but feasible for the modern transport user.

Workplace Policies on Transport & Travel

Implementing greener transport and travel policies can benefit your bank balance as well as help to cultivate a culture of care. Ensuring you are up to date with the ins and outs of transport in London, the UK and the rest of the world can support you in becoming leaders in your field.

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