How Much Does A Motivational Speaker Cost to Hire?

The Motivational Speakers Agency has over 20+ years of experience pairing brands with compelling speakers, thought leaders, storytellers and entertainers. With thousands of speakers available, and an expert team on hand to find you the best match available, we can supply a selection of speakers within your budget.

Every speaker is different. Some prefer intimate workshops, while others enjoy presenting to thousands of attendees at a time. Some are rising talents, while others are established professionals with decades on the circuit. All of these factors, and more, dictate the cost of booking a speaker.

At The Motivational Speakers Agency, we pride ourselves on our vast selections of thought leaders and facilitators available. So, whatever your budget, your perfect speaker is only a phone call away.

How much does a speaker cost to hire?

A common question on the booking circuit, but the answer is not as simple as it sounds.

Due to the speaker’s experience onstage, their personal preferences and available services, no two bookings ever cost the same – especially when you consider extra logistical charges, like travel and accommodation.

If you have a specific speaker in mind, make sure that your budget is flexible. Alternatively, if you have a cost limit in mind but are open to suggestions on speakers, one of our booking agents will supply a selection with your budget in mind.

Why should I book with The Motivational Speakers Agency?

When you book a speaker with The Motivational Speakers Agency, you receive more than a leading expert on your desired topic. You also receive a dedicated booking agent, who will manage every stage of the process, from initial contact to the day of the event and beyond.

Our service includes pre-written contracts and formal invoices as standard, as well as a guided conference call with the speaker and travel arrangements, if required. We understand that not every event goes to plan, so if your speaker is suddenly unable to attend, we will also hire an alternative of a similar background and experience.

Our team will source and book an insightful speaker within your budget. We will broker highly-competitive rates to make the most of your funds, and ensure the speaker attends your event on time, armed with the latest industry knowledge.

Booking a speaker could not be easier, with The Motivational Speakers Agency.

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