How Much Does a Motivational Speaker Cost to Hire in the UK?

The Motivational Speakers Agency has over two decades of experience in hiring motivational speakers. The cost of hiring one of these motivational speakers can vary widely, ranging from £1000 to £2,000,000, depending on the speaker's profile, experience, and audience size. Find out more about how much a motivational speaker costs, below.

Hiring a motivational speaker can significantly vary in cost, reflecting factors such as the speaker's renown, the event's scale, and the specific demands of the engagement. The Motivational Speakers Agency has decades of experience in hiring motivational speakers, so read our guide below to find out more!

How Much Does a Motivational Speaker Cost to Hire in the UK?

The cost of hiring a motivational speaker in the UK can range quite broadly. The average cost of a motivational speaker is estimated to be between £1000 to £20,000, which varies based on factors like popularity, experience and the speaker's demand. However, some motivational speakers can charge in excess of almost £2,000,000! In official market research, from the Champions Speakers Agency, it has been reported that the average cost of a motivational speaker has increased by 12%! Take a look at some pricing brackets below, and discover which speakers such budgets accommodate:

Low-Cost Motivational Speakers: 

£1 - 5K: 

  • Scotty Mills - Royal Marine Officer, Head of Performance & Training for the Royal Marines
  • Jamil Qureshi - Co-Founder of We Do Things Differently & the first Psychologist for the European Ryder Cup
  • Mandy Hickson - Second female to fly a fighter jet on the front line
  • Simon Weston - Survivor of the Bluff Cove Air Attacks
  • Nicky Moffat - The highest-ranked woman in the British Army
  • Martin Bayfield - Former Northampton & England rugby player, Host of BT Rugby

Medium-Cost Motivational Speakers: 

£5 - 10K: 

  • Damian Hughes - Professor of Organisational Psychology at Manchester University & Founder of LiquidThinker
  • Roz Savage - The first woman to row solo across the Atlantic, Indian Ocean & the Pacific Ocean
  • Jim Lawless - CEO of Symmetry & author of "Taming Tigers"
  • Ross Edgley - Ultra-marathon sea swimmer who holds the Guinness World Record for the Longest Staged Sea Swim
  • Neil Martin - Former Head of Strategy for Ferrari F1 & Head of Strategic Operations for Red Bull
  • Kriss Akabusi - Former Olympic sprint & hurdling athlete

£10 - 15K: 

  • Matthew Syed - Co-Founder of Matthew Syed Consulting & expert on growth mindset
  • Nina Schick - Author of the World's first generative AI book "Deepfakes" & Creator of the Era of Generative AI
  • Stella Rimington - The first woman to be appointed Director-General of MI5
  • Kelly Holmes - Olympic Gold medallist & former Royal Army Corps soldier

£15 - 20K:

High-Cost Motivational Speakers:

£20 - 50K:

  • Steven Bartlett - Founder of Social Chain, Dragons' Den investor & Host of the Diary of a CEO Podcast
  • Wim Hof - Extreme athlete & Guinness World Record holder for swimming under ice
  • Nirmal "Nims" Purja - World-record-breaking mountaineer & first Gurkha to join the UK Special Boat Service
  • Jo Malone - Founder of Jo Malone London & Jo Loves

£50 - 100K:

  • Daniel Pink - New York Times Bestselling author & Thinkers 50 Most Influential Management Thinker 
  • Simon Sinek - Founder of Simon Sinek Inc & Global Gurus Best Motivational Speaker in the World
  • Arianna Huffington - Founder of The Huffington Post & Thrive Global
  • Amy C Edmondson - The Novartis Professor of Leadership & Management at Harvard Business School
  • Steve Wozniak - Co-Creator of Apple Inc.

How Do I Hire a Motivational Speaker?

To hire a motivational speaker, research suitable candidates who align with your event's theme, consider audience demographics and determine your budget. Then reach out to The Motivational Speakers Agency to receive guidance from world-leading booking agents on motivational speaker availability, fees and logistics. Our booking agents and administration team will then formalise the contract, detail the scope of work to the selected speaker, set timelines and deal with payment.

To begin the booking process, contact one of our dedicated booking agents today! Call 0207 0787 876 or complete our online contact form now.

Who are the Best Motivational Speakers to Hire?

The best motivational speakers to hire are those who resonate with your audience, have a credible background and have a track record of inspiring change. They should be adaptable, engaging and have expertise relevant to your event's purpose. Consider speakers who also offer post-event materials or workshops for lasting impact - or perhaps even a motivational Q&A session.

If you are looking for inspiration surrounding which motivational speaker to hire, take a look at our official selection of The Top 50 Most Inspiring Global Thought Leaders, and hire a speaker now!

How Does a Booking Agent Help Choose the Best Motivational Speaker for Your Event?

The Motivational Speakers Agency assists clients in choosing a motivational speaker by first understanding the event's objectives, audience demographics and desired outcomes. They then recommend speakers from their roster who align with the client's vision and budget. Our booking agents provide speaker profiles, videos of past talks and testimonials to inform your decision. Additionally, they handle negotiations, contracts and logistics, ensuring a fit that's not just inspirational but also practical and within financial parameters. Using our decades of experience, The Motivational Speakers Agency is guaranteed to provide you with the best possible experience in hiring a motivational speaker!

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Motivational Speaker?

In a world where 43% of middle managers report burnout and only 57% of people have confidence in their company culture, now is the time to act and increase motivation in the workplace. A great way to do that is by hiring a motivational speaker! Hiring a motivational speaker can energise and inspire your audience, providing fresh perspectives and stimulating new ideas. They can impart valuable life lessons and strategies for personal and professional growth, boost morale and encourage positive change. Moreover, their presence can add prestige to your event and help attract attendees. By hiring a motivational speaker, you are doing your part to help decrease burnout and generate a positive workplace culture.

How Long Does a Motivational Speaker Speak for?

Typically, a motivational speaker's talk lasts between 30 to 45 minutes, designed to captivate and engage the audience within a concise timeframe. This is often followed by a Q&A session ranging from 15 to 30 minutes, allowing the audience to delve deeper into the topics presented and interact directly with the speaker. The speaker can however tailor the length of their speech specifically to the client, ensuring it fits the event schedule, maintains audience engagement and delivers the message effectively without losing impact.

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