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Whether your business or investment group aims to expand into emerging markets or merely explore the business opportunities in economies with high-potential, our industry-leading experts are on hand to make your decisions a whole lot easier.

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Featuring speakers focussing on various subsector topics including economic development, international monetary funds, portfolio management, commercialization, cross-cultural management, commodities, currencies, financial strategy, globalisation, risk and technology - we have the emerging markets expert well suited to any occasion.

A rich and complex point of discussion, the study of emerging economies has ascended at a rapid pace. Newer markets are catching up with established economies. Parting with the traditional areas that their economy is built on, nations with potential for further advancements are making moves to meet new standards. Businesses and investors have long recognised the immense possibilities and opportunities in these economies, and are driving their growth.

Market volatility is a greater risk but also an opportunity in emerging economies. Investments can yield high returns due to the accelerated economic growth being experienced in those countries.

Currently leading the way in terms of GDP is China, India, Brazil, Russia and South Korea, all of which are expanding their commercial output and using reliable data and market research to expand and improve to build smarter cities, find better methods of production and increase the quality of life.

China stands above all others as a nation that sits on the brink between an emerging and developed market. With $14 billion GDP and still growing, they are set to be the next developed market.

Experts in the field of emerging markets are able to share their knowledge, facts and statistics that detail the present and future of the field in extensive detail.Impartial advice is at the heart of a keynote presentation or Q&A session with an expert emerging markets speaker. Able to consult on the building of stronger, more diverse strategies and inform on the financial development of emerging markets, they can be a great solution for summits, forums and conferences with delegates.

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