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Emerging markets refer to economies that are transitioning from developing to developed, characterised by rapid growth and investment opportunities. Emerging market keynote speakers are hired for their insights into these dynamic economies, helping investors and businesses understand risks, trends and strategies for successful engagement in these high-potential regions.

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Emerging markets are economies in transition, evolving from "developing" to "developed" status - with emerging markets accounting for a remarkable 66% of global GDP growth over the past decade. They exhibit rapid economic growth, often have high GDPs and are seen to increase industrialisation, yet still lack some developed economic features. Countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China exemplify this, growing in influence via market liberalisation. Emerging market guest speakers are hired for their expertise in these unique and fast-growing economies. Emerging market speakers provide invaluable insights into the complexities and opportunities emerging markets present, helping people navigate and capitalise on the unpredictable nature of burgeoning 2024 economic landscapes.

Emerging markets, signifying economies in transition towards development, are crucial in the global economic landscape. Speakers specialising in these markets offer vital insights into unique growth opportunities, risks and strategies. Their expertise helps businesses and investors navigate these dynamic economies, fostering informed decision-making in these potentially lucrative but complex 2024 markets.

What is an Emerging Market?

Emerging markets are nations transitioning from a 'developing' phase towards a 'developed' status, marked by considerable economic growth and the acquisition of some developed economy traits. These countries often showcase characteristics such as high gross domestic product (GDP) and widespread industrialisation, indicative of their fast-growing economies. However, they still lack certain aspects typical of fully developed economies. Notable examples include the BRIC nations: Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are increasingly pivotal on the global stage due to their expanding and liberalising markets. These markets represent significant potential and change in the global economic landscape.

Source: Corporate Finance Institute & BDC

What Places are Classed as Emerging Markets?

  • Top Four Emerging Markets - BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) currently lead as the foremost emerging markets.
  • Next Wave of Emerging Markets - CIVETS countries (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa) are predicted to rapidly rise in economic prominence.
  • Latin America's Key Players - Chile and Mexico, showing significant economic development and potential.
  • European Emerging Economies - Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, transitioning towards higher economic status.
  • Asian Markets on the Rise - Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, all showing dynamic economic growth and potential.

Source: Golden Gate University

What is the Benefit of Hiring an Emerging Markets Keynote Speaker

Hiring an emerging markets keynote speaker brings invaluable benefits: they provide expert insights into the dynamic, high-growth economies transitioning towards development. Their knowledge helps businesses and investors understand market trends, identify investment opportunities, mitigate risks and develop strategies to successfully engage with these increasingly influential global players.

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