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Diversity Speakers

Diversity comes in many forms, from those you are born with like race, gender and sexuality, to life changing experiences that alter the course of your journey forever. From the disabilities you can see, to those you cannot.


Figures of diversity who raise their voice cause a ripple effect for the people around them, strong enough to change the definition of what we perceive “normal” to be. Without these people, we can’t achieve personal or societal growth. Though diversity speakers are immensely brave, they are also human beings like the rest of us, proving that we are all capable of rewriting our fate and changing people's minds.


What Is A Diversity Speaker?


Speakers that specialise in diversity and inclusion travel the country to promote acceptance and tackle discrimination head-on. With the intention of empowering people of all races, sexualities, genders, abilities, religions and more, diversity speakers are experts in inclusivity. From psychologists and scientists to ordinary people with extraordinary experiences, diversity speakers use their knowledge to turn the world into a more accepting place, one speech at a time. 


Why Should I Book A Diversity Speaker? 


As of 2019, the Global Human Capital Trends researched the importance of diversity, finding that 78% of respondents believe that inclusion is a market advantage (Deloitte). Additionally, Forbes found that companies who have more diverse management have a higher revenue of 19%, when compared to those who don’t. A study by Glassdoor also found that 57% of employees want their company to do more for diversity, and judging from these findings their employees should listen.


With only 8.8% of minorities working as managers, directors and senior officials (Changeboard), and only 23.7% of FTSE 250 boards being women (Forbes), it is clear that something needs to change. Diversity speakers have the passion, drive and eloquence to educate people on not just the importance of diversity, but how to spot and tackle instances of discrimination.

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