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Economics speakers are at the heart of international politics. Navigating challenges and spying opportunities and trends, they are the experts driving global operations. A multitude of roles makes up the world of economics, with experts specialising in finance, economic trends, behaviours and more.


No matter whether you want a political candidate, correspondent or current affairs thought-leader our team have worked with some of the finest in the field.


Why Should I Book An Economics Speaker?


Economics can be complicated, with its influence on business, politics and finance spanning back for centuries. However, we have an extensive range of speakers who can offer their expert advice for your business’s economic future, as well as discuss the landscape of economics on a macro scale. Whether you need an economics speaker to reflect upon the 2008 financial crisis or want to better understand how to incentivise your outgoings, we have the speaker for you. 


Microeconomic speakers have the business experience and economic knowledge to answer some of the hardest questions in the industry. If you find yourself wondering how many workers should I hire to maximise profits? Or, when should I release my new product so it outperforms my competitors? Then booking an economics speaker can answer those questions.


What Actually IS Economics?


Put simply, economics is the study of resources in comparison with demand, to decipher how to share these resources effectively. In business, this could mean the difference between success and administration. From macroeconomics, the study of individual markets, to macroeconomics, the study of the entire economy, economic experts use data analysis to study resource management, war, politics and even genetics. Economics is a subject relied upon by experts from numerous fields, including psychology and political scientists, due to its extensive insight into consumption and production.

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