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FinTech is changing the face of financial services. Embracing its obvious benefits can make a monumental difference to a business. One of the fastest growing and highest yielding industries, FinTech is central to modern commerce.

FinTech has rubbed off on consumers too who now expect to be able to pay via credit card or mobile wherever they are and whatever they are doing.


Helping businesses to understand how FinTech can influence progression, no matter the size of an enterprise, FinTech experts offer authority and unparalleled insight at your conference. You can find out more about our FinTech speakers offerings today, or discover the latest trends relating to the industry.  


What is FinTech?


Blockchain and cryptocurrency has revolutionised the industry, ensuring payments are made securely. While relatively new as a concept, FinTech has made starting a business easy. Now with tools such as Paypal and Square, they are able to take their product or service to market without the need to gain significant investment.


Not only has FinTech revolutionised payments to benefit consumers and small businesses, it has also brought to light innovations that are competing with traditional financial service activities.


Many banks and businesses have been testing the merits of FinTech and are developing their services with it at the very core of their strategy. Being drawn out on an ever-increasing scale, FinTech is helping to automate traditional services, provide higher levels of security, as well as quicker, more effective payments and trades.


What Can FinTech Do For Me?


FinTech has a role to play in businesses no matter the industry. In a world where cybersecurity is essential to the protection of assets and finance, it continues to go from strength to strength. Banks exploring and innovating using FinTech are more apparent than ever, and businesses can take advantage of advanced security, multi-layered protection of data and the stringent compliance regulations that FinTech companies can offer. It is a broad pool, in which so much is possible. The New York Venture Capital Association now hosts a summit every year dedicated to informing people on FinTech.

Fintech Speakers
Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton | 09th December 2019
Global financing in Fintech reached a record high in 2018 - topping out at $39 billion, doubling the investment seen in 2017; as it continues changing the face of finance as we know it. Digital disruptors have upset the status quo of the traditional…
Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton | 11th July 2019
FinTech has been disrupting the financial services industry for just over a decade, and now what may once have been discarded as a 'fad' or an 'impossibility' is tightening its grip on the ever-changing financial services industry.
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Luke Vials | 18th May 2018
With technology advancing all the time, a whole host of new topics have become available to motivational speakers, one of which is the revolution of cryptocurrency. Whilst this digital currency may seem like something out of a science…