5+ Reasons to Book a Motivational Speaker for Your Conference

Luke Vials
5+ Reasons to Book a Motivational Speaker for Your Conference

At a conference, few orators can rival the impact motivational speakers have on all in attendance. With their authenticity and vulnerability, they leave a resounding impression on audiences, who come away with a new perspective on life. Hailing from the worlds of adventuring, business and sport, motivational speakers are the missing link at conferences.

Boasting a whole host of excellent motivational conference speakers, our personalities have an abundance of engaging stories to tell, which delight audiences at every event they attend.

Check out why we believe motivational speakers are perfect for conferences, below:

1. Inspire Better Leadership

The topic of leadership is vital at business conference. Sales and marketing tactics aside, if a manager cannot lead their team to greatness then they will lack innovation, productivity and communication. Therefore, many event organisers turn to motivational speakers to inspire their senior team, and teach the secrets of engaging employees.

An example of a true leader is former RAF pilot Mandy Hickson. She is the second female to fly the Tornado GR4, a testament to her professional skill, and while serving operated in war-torn territories across the globe. Mandy also managed an all-male team of pilots, the lessons learned from which she now shares at leadership conferences.

2. Leading Expertise

Whatever your conference’s topic or theme, there is a motivational speaker in that field. Experts who are world-renowned for their specialisms will command their audience’s attention, and add authority to your occasion. These speakers combine their leading knowledge with a captivating presenting style, to clearly communicate their message.

Able to supply real insight on the topic they are discussing, a motivational speaker can educate as well as entertain your audience, meaning they will look back fondly on your conference. Motivational speakers hail from different industries or professions, some are thrilling sportspeople while others hold political influence, what unites them is their respective expertise.

3. Maximise Performance

Everybody can better their performance with the help of a motivational speaker, who can offer encouragement and guidance. At conferences, performance experts supply discussions tailored to your audience’s need, igniting their potential and helping them flourish. They often use marginal gains and peak performance theories, influenced by their own experiences.

From students to senior business people, guests of all backgrounds benefit from a motivational speaker specialising in performance. Particularly in a corporate environment, where it is vital everybody performs at the highest possible standard, conferences can inspire employees at all levels of business.

4. Storytelling

Thousands of speaking events are organised a year, so how do you make yours stand out? Motivational speakers are renowned for their entertainment value, as they combine humour and touching anecdotes with resounding results. This style of communication is truly unforgettable and leaves a lasting impact on audiences.

Motivational speaker and former British Army officer, Mike Jackson, is a world-renowned storyteller. The highest-profile general since World War Two, he spent his life serving the British armed forces in some of the world’s most volatile countries. His anecdotes from a career that saw him risk his life have a vast impact on his audience, making his conference speaking events incredibly memorable.

5. Transformative Teamwork

Motivational speakers from the sporting world know first-hand the qualities required to succeed at the highest level, so can supply actionable advice for corporate audiences at events. Guests can apply such guidance to their own workplace, and see long term improvements in the quality of teamwork.

Working to a shared goal and purpose means that every member of your team is on the same page. This is only possible through communication, understanding and support. These speakers breakdown what it means to be a team, and the benefits of an inclusive culture at teambuilding conferences.

6. Winning Mindset

When a team shares the same winning mindset, the possibilities are truly endless. A conference is the best way to communicate such a strategy, as audiences consume the information at the same time, leading to better cohesion upon implementation. Additionally, motivational speakers often welcome questions, allowing your team to gain a comprehensive understanding.

One of the most inspiring conference speakers around is Clive Woodward. The man who led England to their historic Rugby World Cup win in 2003, he can discuss how he managed to spearhead this victory. With skills that can transcend the world of sport, Clive regularly inspires people to maintain a strong work ethic, as part of his winning mindset.

7. Overcoming Problems

Hurdles and challenges are a normal part of life, but when issues arise in a business, they must be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Identifying the concern and resolving it as soon as possible, whilst trying to ensure that it can be prevented in the future, is the best way to overcome issues.

A motivational speaker can clearly articulate how to do this by combining a blend of anecdotes and knowledge to engage audiences and provide beneficial advice on change management. Most successful speakers available to book have had to overcome some form of adversity in their lives, allowing them to apply these experiences to the corporate world.

8. Improve Morale

One of the main benefits of booking a motivational speaker, is their ability to improve the morale and attitudes within the workplace. If your team are demotivated and burnt out, and it is having an adverse effect on the company, a motivational speaker can offer a fresh perspective and suggest methods for better mental health support.

Motivational speakers can offer your company a competitive edge, as high morale amongst employees often results in increased productivity. Their speeches can drive and encourage your employees to value their talents, support one another, ultimately improving attitudes towards work.

Book a Motivational Speaker for your Conference

As a leading speakers agency, we boast some of the best motivational speakers in the business. With their wealth of captivating stories and insightful advice, they are the perfect addition to conferences of all shapes, sizes and themes.

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