Brits Win Brain Prize for Outstanding Contribution to European Neuroscience

History was made in the world of science this week when three British researchers won a prize worth one million euros, awarded each year for an "outstanding contribution to European neuroscience".

This is the first time the Brain Prize has been won by an entirely UK team. It is awarded by a Danish charitable foundation and the 2016 winners were announced in London on Tuesday.

Driven by curiosity about how we store memories, the trio has shed new light on the way nerve connections – or synapses – in the brain can change in response to our experiences.

That process, called long-term potentiation or LTP, underpins the brain’s "plasticity" – its remarkable ability to reorganize itself after damage such as a stroke. It works by permanently strengthening the synapses between two neurons by repeatedly stimulating them.

Because many brain disorders are thought to be related to disruption in the process it could guide the way we treat issues such as autism, schizophrenia, dementia and chronic pain.

Breakthrough scientific advances are always big news, and at Champions Motivational Speakers we are proud to count a number of pioneering individuals in our repertoire, including Marc Koska OBE.

Marc is a British inventor best known for the creation of the single-use syringe which has helped to prevent the medical transmission of blood-borne diseases worldwide.

After he read a newspaper article in 1984 predicting the transmission of HIV through the reuse of needles, he set about trying to resolve the problem.

The outcome was the development of a syringe that could not only be built using existing manufacturing methods but also used in the same fashion as existing needles but with the vital alteration that, once used, they would automatically disable themselves.

Marc has been recognised with an OBE for his personal achievements as well as for those of his commercial company, Star Syringe, in the fields of business, innovation, sustainability, product design, health, contribution to society and social responsibility.

With previous appearances as a keynote speaker at the prestigious TED Oxford events at Oxford University, Marc is one of the most inspiring speakers working in the technology and innovation sphere.

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