Top 12 Sales Kick-Off Speakers To Hire for 2024

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Does your sales team meet the needs of your customers? A study found that over 50% of sales representatives missed their target in previous years, proving the importance of investing in your sales team. The best way to optimise your business is with a sales kick-off event. Such conferences and events feature sales speakers from around the world, who are equipped with the skills, experience and insight needed to transform your corporate team’s potential.

What are the 'do’s and don'ts' of sales kick-off events?

Read our post, Ultimate Guide to Organising a Sales Kick-Off Event, to learn more about sales kick-off events and how to organise an unforgettable occasion.

DON’T: Forget to establish your objectives or select a relevant theme. You must also liaise with your sales team to secure a date, time and venue that works for everyone.

DO: Promote the event across your social media channels to generate engagement. Also, make sure to book an insightful sales speaker for your event...

At the Motivational Speakers Agency, we have a network of industry experts from the worlds of sales, retail and customer service. See our pick of the top sales speakers available for your sales kick-off event in 2024, below.

Top 11 Sales Kickoff Speakers To Hire

Discover our top pick of sales speakers available for your 2024 event below!

  1. Caspar Craven
  2. Tony Morris
  3. Brendan Hall
  4. Jo Malone
  5. Levi Roots
  6. Geoff Ramm
  7. Inga Beale
  8. Angela Ahrendts
  9. Claire Brumby
  10. BJ Cunningham
  11. Colin MacLachlan
  12. Vladimer Botsvadze

To hire the perfect sales kick-off speaker for your event, simply contact a booking agent via our online contact form. A member of our team will call you back and suggest speakers for your event or contact your desired speaker to check their availability. 

Caspar Craven

Teams have a choice. Either wait for belief to appear as if by magic or to deliberately, specifically and consciously create it.

Caspar Craven is a popular sales kick-off event speaker available for hire in 2024. He specialises in reigniting the passion for sales in your business, using his corporate experience and motivational approach to public speaking. From remote working to increased competition, a speaker like Caspar will help your sales team to adapt to new styles of working and set the market standard for customer service.

Tony Morris

90% of customers would happily refer... only 10% of people ask – think about that.

Tony Morris is described by corporate clients as The Sales Doctor, due to his top-class insight into sales, marketing and branding. At sales kick-off events, he is well-equipped to inspire passion in your team, essential for preparing sales representatives for a new business year. Between his best-selling books and corporate training firm, Tony Morris International, Tony has established himself as a sales expert.

Brendan Hall

Let's face it, even well-intentioned constructive criticism is never a nice pleasant thing to hear, but absolutely essential if you want to grow.

Brendan Hall is famed as a professional yacht skipper, who successfully skippered his vessel to victory at the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race in 2009. Along with a team of 44 amateur sailors, Brendan helped to navigate the yacht to the finish line despite being the youngest and most in-experienced skipper in the team. Having since competed in various regattas, Brendan is now a successful keynote speaker, a Leadership Associate at the Cranfield School of Management and bestselling author of Team Spirit. When booked to speak at sales kickoff events, Brendan expertly helps audiences to navigate uncertainty and change to emerge successful.

Jo Malone

I feel hopeful when I'm being creative, because I feel like I'm doing something. There's nothing worse than feeling down and standing still and feeling like there is no future, that there's nothing out there for you, which actually is not true for anybody.

One of the most recognisable names in the world of beauty, Jo Malone has established herself as a top businesswoman available to book for events. An entrepreneur at heart, she launched her fragrance company, Jo Malone London, following a lifelong interest in skincare and fragrance. At sales kick-off events, Jo teaches audiences the role of genuine and authentic passion in customer service, a valuable skill for any business sales team.

Levi Roots

It is why people liked me and it's the reason why people are still investing £1.49 in Reggae Reggae sauce, because of the fun moment when I combined music and food.

Levi Roots is the creator of The Reggae Reggae Sauce, a condiment sold UK-wide and loved by fans. He successfully secured funding on Dragons’ Den and used the investment to grow his business, expanding to soft drinks, seasonings and various snacks. At sales kick-off events, Levi inspires audiences with his incredible story of passion, determination and perseverance, three traits that are essential in sales.

Geoff Ramm

Remember, customers don't buy products or services, they buy good feelings and solutions to problems...

Without good customer service, your sales team are unlikely to generate loyal relationships with clients. Geoff Ramm, the creator of Celebrity Service and OMG Marketing, is regularly booked to impart his customer service knowledge, particularly at sales kick-off events. With a degree in marketing, several best-selling books to his name and a wealth of happy clients, Geoff is a popular speaker for sales conferences and corporate sales kick-off events.

Inga Beale

I have seen too many websites [use] marketing images that make out a company is diverse, but if the leadership isn’t then I don’t think they can claim to be.

Your customers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, is your sales team just as diverse? Speakers like Dame Inga Beale are booked to improve workplace culture, particularly for sales teams who represent their company. Inga was also the first female CEO of Lloyds of London, an achievement that makes her incredibly popular among corporate booking clients who want to understand the inner workings of successful, global corporations.

We were fortunate to sit down and exclusively interview Dame Inga Beale to hear more about her advocacy for diversity and inclusion in business.

Angela Ahrendts

Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you must build one with your employees first.

Between Apple and Burberry, Angela Ahrendts has led countless global companies across several different industries. She is the former CEO of Burberry and is responsible for the brand’s £5 billion increase in company value. At Apple, Angela was the Senior Vice President of Retail, a role in which she developed a keen eye for customer service and sales. Angela now supplies corporate speeches at sales kick-off events to engage and inspire sales, marketing and retail teams.

Claire Brumby

If you want it – really want it – nothing or no one can stand in your way. Turn your power up.

Following her appearance on Dragons’ Den, Claire Brumby has established herself and her business, Scrubby’s Crisps, as a giant in the world of retail, business and sales. Today, Claire tours the speaking circuit with her incredible story of perseverance and determination, a story that is guaranteed to inspire audiences at sales kick-off events. As a retail and sales speaker, she shares her knowledge of target audience, customer service and more.

Claire Brumby was listed in our article, 50 Women Who Are Changing The World Today - discover the other inspiring women featured in our blog post.

BJ Cunningham

The inspiration for Death Cigarettes was, ‘why doesn’t anyone tell the truth?’

Clients including Microsoft and McDonald’s have called upon the skills and experience of BJ Cunningham, reflecting his popularity on the speaking circuit. BJ launched DEATH Cigarettes in response to the lack of transparency in marketing and has since shared the process of shaking up the status quo at events. As a sales kick-off speaker, BJ challenges audiences to redefine how they view sales and focus on customer experience above all else.

Colin MacLachlan

The more resilient you are, the better you'll be able to adapt

Colin MacLachlan spent 18 years as a member of The Royal Scotts and the 22 SAS unit, having survived to tell the tale of his experiences in many of the world's most hostile environments. After serving in the military, Colin has forged his success as a high-level security guard, providing security to the Saudi Royal Family and founding his security business Blade. An expert on resilience and leadership, book Colin MacLachlan as a sales kickoff speaker to motivate audiences with his inspirational stories.

Vladimer Botsvadze

“I believe in forgetting everything and only focusing on what matters the most – 6 months of hardcore hard work.”

Vladimer Botsvadze, a trailblazer in digital marketing and transformation, stands out as a top sales kick-off speaker for 2024. His award-winning insights into online branding and content marketing have revolutionized the industry. Known for his engaging storytelling, Vladimer effortlessly connects with audiences, offering practical strategies that drive sales performance. His influence spans start-up accelerators such as Techstars and Plug & Play Tech Center, where his insights are utilised, making his sessions invaluable for any sales team aiming to excel.

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