Ultimate Guide to Organising a Sales Kick-Off Event in 2024

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As we look towards 2024, businesses across the world will be eager to kickstart their sales potential. What better way to do that, than with an informative, inspiring sales conference?

As leading experts in sales conference speakers, our team have matched transformative thought leaders with events across the globe, aiding corporate clients from countless industries. Boasting the best in the speaking business, contact our team of booking agents to find out more.

At the Motivational Speakers Agency, we have collected the latest sales event ideas and planning tips, in our ultimate guide for 2024. Check out our post below, and discover how to organise a sales event.

What is a sales kick-off event?

Sales kick-off events are usually organised at the beginning of a company's financial year, to inspire and empower their sales team. After the Christmas break and an often slow January, these events are designed to re-energise staff, usually through a motivational speaker's powerful story. Audiences come away with a new insight into their industry and a toolbox of techniques for sales. 

Source: Highspot

Sales Event Planning Checklist:

Speakers like Jamil Qureshi are perfectly placed to motivate your corporate team. They are perfect for sales kick-off events, where the goal is to inspire and motivate sales teams. 

Establish Your Objectives

The first step to identifying your event’s purpose is to decide your target audience.

For internal sales teams, recognise your top performers and thank them for their hard work; this will inspire other members of the team to strive for better results, ultimately improving the performance standard across the board. You should also discuss your next sales strategy and ensure that all employees are focused on the same goal.

Want to keep up to date with the latest sales techniques? Host a sales expo. Featuring leading sales keynote speakers and experts, your conference will present the hottest products, technologies and strategies - practical tools for all in attendance. Your event will encourage ideas-sharing and rich conversations, strengthening the collective understanding of sales through networking opportunities.

Select Your Theme

Every successful event has a strong, substantial theme. The theme grounds the topic of discussion guides the chosen speaker and drives guests to apply what they have learnt. Considering what you wish to achieve from your event, choose a theme that will complement your conference’s goal and target audience. From there, while booking supplies, speakers and a venue, keep your chosen theme in mind.

10 Popular Sales Event Themes for 2024:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Retaining Top Talent
  3. Digital Developments
  4. Adapting to Change
  5. Communication Techniques
  6. Customer Retention
  7. Virtual Selling
  8. Managing Complaints
  9. International Sales
  10. Next Level Selling

Decide Your Budget

For many, setting a budget can be one of the hardest steps to organising a sales event – but it is essential. The cost of organising an event can rise rapidly, with hidden expenses like insurance and furniture hire adding to the overall price. Therefore, you need to complete a comprehensive checklist of potential costs, apply a cost bracket to each, and tally up the total as you go to stay within your budget.

Venue vs Virtual

Considering Covid-19’s global impact, many event organisers have capitalised on the online opportunities at hand. If you are planning a sales conference, a virtual event rather than a venue-based occasion may be the safest, most reliable way to make your mark in 2024.

Prefer traditional events? Make sure to book a flexible venue, in case you have to postpone or cancel due to the pandemic. Accessibility and inclusivity are hot topics in 2024, so make sure your venue contains wheelchair ramps and easy-access toilets. A large stage, adequate seating and catering facilities are also essential – keep these in mind when choosing the perfect venue.

Book a Sales Speaker

Including some of the best sales conference speakers available to book, the Motivational Speakers Agency has hired leading experts for events of all shapes and sizes. We can identify the perfect sales expert for your event, including speakers within your budget and tailored to your brief.

The first step to booking a speaker is to browse our website. We have organised our speakers by category, to make it easier than ever to find a leading expert for your industry or theme and complement your event’s needs.

From there, contact one of our booking agents to receive your free quote, and kickstart the hiring process. We will generate tailored contracts and invoices, as well as manage a guided conference call with your speaker. If you require travel and accommodation arrangements, our team are on hand to make booking a speaker simple and hassle-free.

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Sell Tickets

There is no event without an audience and no audience without ticket sales. Whether you are hosting a virtual event or have hired a venue, the methods for selling tickets remain the same – email campaigns, your or your venue’s website, social media and advertisements. Invest in your ticket sales strategy to ensure that audiences know where, when and how to attend your event.

Your Sales Event – Just Before, During & After the Big Day

Just Before Your Event:

  • Send a Reminder Email to Audiences
  • Do a Tech Run Online/At Your Venue
  • Post on Social Media to Generate a Buzz

The Day of Your Event:

  • Set Up the Venue/Virtual Setting
  • Manage the Proceedings with a Schedule
  • Enjoy Yourself!

Just After Your Event:

  • Conduct an Audience Survey
  • Send a Testimonial of your Speaker
  • Prepare for Your Next Event

Motivational Speakers for Sales Conferences

If you would like to book any of our motivational speakers for your sales conference, get in touch with The Motivational Speakers Agency today. Call us on 0207 0787 876 or complete our online contact form and a member of our team will get back to you.

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After graduating from his role as a celebrity sales executive to sales manager, Jack Hayes was appointed as a Director of The Motivational Speakers Agency in 2012, becoming a founding member of the European Association of Speakers Bureaux (EASB) in 2013. In his seven years as a company director, Jack has led projects for clients that include Vodafone, Credit Suisse, The Economic Times’ Global Business Summit, British Airways, the Abu Dhabi Global Financial Markets Forum (GFMF), HSBC, Lad Bible and the NHS, in addition to media collaborations with the likes of Metro, The Leicester Mercury, Sky Sports and ITV. Jack has also used his influence to convince the world’s top speakers to choose The Motivational Speakers Agency. He has built relationships with the minds behind global success stories including Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard; former Google MD Dan Cobley and global adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes. With all the speaking opportunities that Jack has facilitated, there is one that stands out above all others as his proudest. When he began as a sales executive, there was one man Jack wanted to book as a speaker more than any other - Apple’s innovative Creative Director, Ken Segall. In 2019, Ken Segall is due to speak at our very own networking event, at London’s iconic skyscraper, Searcys at the Gherkin, proving just how committed Jack is to reaching his lofty aspirations.

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