How to Motivate Your Team: 10 Proven Steps to Ignite Your Workforce

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How to Motivate Your Team: 10 Proven Steps to Ignite Your Workforce

It is common to see “highly motivated candidate” in the list of requirements for any job description these days. But how many organisations know how to maintain motivation across teams?

A study has found that 19% workers have reported they are burnt out in 2024 so far. The main causes of their burnout include but are not limited to:

  • Higher Workload
  • Staff Shortages and
  • Undue Pressure from Bosses
  • Lack of Support from Management

Aside from the toll this can take on individuals, non-motivated teams can also hamper business success.

How to Identify a Motivated Workforce?

There are some tell-tale signs of motivated teams in an organisation. These organisations are likely to experience less employee turnover and the potential to increase productivity by 14%. You may also see a growth in profitability, sometimes to the tune of 23% difference in profitability.

Source: BBC

What Steps Can You Take to Motivate Your Team?

Here are 10 steps you can take to ignite your workforce:

1. Increase Autonomy

Allowing employees autonomy in their workdays fosters motivation by empowering them to structure their time for optimal productivity. Giving employees a voice in team dynamics enhances their engagement and commitment. This sense of involvement and control makes them more likely to invest in their tasks, leading to higher participation and a more motivated workforce. Clearing obstacles helps them concentrate, making challenging periods more manageable.

Source: Harvard Business Review

2. Provide a Sense of Purpose

Motivating employees through a sense of purpose enhances their engagement and drive. Understanding the "why" behind their tasks fosters a deeper connection to their work, making them feel valued and impactful. This alignment with personal and organisational goals not only boosts productivity but also fulfills the desire to make a meaningful contribution. Ultimately, a purpose-driven approach leads to more motivated, satisfied, and loyal employees, benefiting both the individual and the organisation.

3. Show Your Appreciation for Them

Employees who feel appreciated are more motivated because recognition boosts morale, reinforces positive behaviours, and fosters a sense of value and belonging. Celebrating wins and providing personalized appreciation helps maintain a balanced feedback environment, making employees feel valued. This positive reinforcement encourages continued effort and dedication, driving overall organisational success.

Source: Forbes

4. Trust Your Team

Trust significantly boosts employee motivation. A study found that employees in a trusting environment felt 76% more engaged than those in low-trust workplaces. Trusted employees feel valued and engaged, leading to greater job satisfaction and reduced staff turnover. This engagement fosters happiness, making employees more willing to go the extra mile for their employers. Therefore, businesses with high-trust environments are more likely to have motivated and dedicated workforces, essential for success.

Source: Ciphr

See what leading workplace culture speaker Michael C. Bush has to say:

5. Offer Feedback

Communication is crucial in motivating teams because it fosters openness, trust, and responsiveness. Engaging in meaningful conversations and providing regular feedback significantly boosts job satisfaction. A study found that 80% employees that received feedback the previous week were fully engaged at work. Effective communication transforms a good work environment into a great one, enhancing team motivation and performance.

Source: Harvard Business Review

6. Prioritise Diversity & Inclusion

Prioritising equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace enhances success by fostering employee motivation and satisfaction.

Source: Acas

Hear from Catherine Garrod, the former Head of Inclusion at Sky, about the importance of D&I measures in a workplace:

7. Promote Collaboration

According to leading motivation expert Tony Robbins, team collaboration significantly boosts employee motivation by fostering a sense of accountability and support. When employees work as a cohesive unit, productivity increases as team members assist each other during challenging times.

Source: Tony Robbins

8. Lead by Example

Managers demonstrating desired work ethics by leading by example inspires employees to emulate these behaviours, thereby boosting motivation. When managers exhibit strong work ethics, employees are more likely to align their output with these expectations. This approach fosters a culture of diligence and respect, showing employees that their leaders do not take their positions for granted, ultimately driving higher performance and commitment within the team.

Source: Indeed

9. Introduce an Incentive Program

An incentive program can improve workplace motivation by offering rewards such as quarterly bonuses, private healthcare, and funding for additional qualifications. These incentives provide employees with tangible reasons to stay and excel in their roles. Knowing they will be rewarded for their hard work, employees are more likely to perform well and remain committed to the company, enhancing overall productivity and retention.

Source: Square Up

10. Hire a Motivational Speaker

Take a look at some of our leading workplace culture & motivational speakers:

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Sophia Hayes Official Author Picture
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