The Top 10 Global Trending HR Speakers To Hire For Your Next Event

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People are a business's greatest resource, and so, it is vitally important that they are treated in the correct way during their professional lives. HR is an essential part of running a business, and something that must be implemented in order to be successful and foster a positive workplace culture. If you are looking for more information on HR or looking to improve your HR practices, take a look at our guide to HR and the top HR speakers who will make you an expert on the subject.

What is HR?

Human resources (HR) is defined as the division of a business that deals with screening, recruiting and training job applicants. They are also responsible for the administration of employee benefit programmes and play a key role in dealing with fast-changing business environments. HR professionals are also often responsible for addressing misunderstandings between employers and employees. HR departments also look after things such as compensation, employee terminations and laws that affect the company.

Source: Investopedia

What are the benefits of HR?

The basic functions of an HR policy should be as follows:

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Managing payroll
  • Employee benefits
  • Holiday management
  • Training and development
  • Employment law compliance
  • Safety compliance

Other elements of an HR policy can include:

  • Managing equality, inclusion and diversity
  • Anti-harassment and non-discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Social media
  • Remote working

Source: Breathe & SpriggHR

Hire a Global Trending HR Speaker Today!

  1. Janina Kugel
  2. Scott McArthur
  3. Kevin Green
  4. Thais Compoint
  5. Stephen Frost
  6. June Sarpong
  7. Samantha Clarke
  8. Ruth Amos
  9. Tim Campbell
  10. Pauline Miller

Our Director of CSR, Louisa Mason-Hayes, has provided her vetted editor's opinion on the Top 10 Global Trending HR Speakers To Hire For Your Next Event, following market research at 205 exclusive human resources events. See her formal selection, below:

Janina Kugel

Janina Kugel is a successful HR professional who has dedicated her career to preaching the importance of change. Investing in the talent of employees and ensuring positive workplace culture, Janina is famed for her former role as the Chief Human Resources Officer of Siemens. Having also worked as Director of Strategy Business Transformation for Siemens and a Management Consultant for Accenture, Janina knows what it takes to run a business successfully.

When booked to speak on HR, Janina details her decorated history with Siemens, and her expertise in human resources, change management and the future of work. Having spearheaded HR at one of the UKs biggest organisations, Janina drives home the importance of diversity, inclusion and equity in the workplace.

Key Achievements:

  • 2021 – Member of the Supervisory Board for TUI
  • 2015 – Chief Human Resources Officer for Siemens
  • 2013 – Corporate Vice President of Human Resources for Siemens
  • 2009 – Director of Human Resources for Siemens
  • 2005 – Director of Corporate Development for Siemens
  • 2001 – Director of Strategy Business Development for Siemens
  • 1997 – Management Consultant for Accenture

Scott McArthur

A leading expert on the future of work, Scott McArthur has forged a successful career as a HR professional. Having worked as the Head of Human Resources for the Robertson Group, Director of Human Resources for Edinburgh Leisure, Head of HR for the Albert Fisher Group and Head of HR Development for Scottish & Newcastle, Scott has developed a detailed understanding of how to best manage human resources.

Founder of Sculpture Consulting, Scott is now booked as a speaker to share his expertise on HR and the future of work. When speaking, Scott informs audiences of how to make a real difference to employee experience and people’s daily working lives. When looking for a speaker whose expertise is backed by experience, book Scott McArthur as an HR speaker today.


"Scott brings a huge amount of creativity and passion to his speaking engagements. He provides deep expert insight into employee engagement and communication. Nor is he afraid to challenge is audiences to achieve superior results." - Ursula, CEO, Atos Germany

Kevin Green

Kevin Green is a talented HR expert, who holds the key to creating high-performing and content employees. Advising clients on how they can create a workplace culture essential for retaining industry experts, Kevin has worked with prestigious clients such as First Choice and BAE Systems. Famed for his work as the Human Resources Director of Royal Mail, Kevin enjoyed five years with Royal Mail and was credited for earning the company a turnover of £6.5 billion after he generated 165,000 highly motivated employees.

Having also worked as the CEO of the Recruitment & Employee Confederation for over a decade, Kevin set the standard for recruitment in the UK, spearheading the £32.2 billion industry. Now a published author, having written the title Competitive People Strategy, and Chief People Officer of FirstGroup Plc, audiences will leave Kevin’s speeches with increased understanding of human resources, retaining talent and how to create a positive workplace culture.

Key Achievements:

  • 2021 – Chief People Officer of FirstGroup Plc
  • 2018 – Founder & CEO of Whats Next Consultancy Ltd
  • 2014 – Non Executive Vice President of the World Employment Confederation
  • 2008 – Chief Executive of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation
  • 2003 – Human Resources Director for the Royal Mail

Thais Compoint

Thais Compoint is on a mission to transform business success with her expert methods of inclusive leadership. Elevating company culture, Thais highlights crucial aspects of human resources that must be paid attention to in order to future-proof organisations. Founder and CEO of Déclic International, Thais spearheads a range of inclusivity programmes that are trusted by the likes of Barclays, Swedbank, Allianz, Cisco and Coca-Cola. Having been awarded the coveted Top Global Diversity & Inclusion Leaders Award in 2020, Thais is a leading authority on corporate culture and the importance of DE&I.

When booked as a speaker, Thais helps clients to better their HR practices and prioritise a diverse, inclusive and equal company culture. Having led inclusivity and diversity strategies for Fortune 500 companies, Thais has also delivered three TEDx talks and is revered globally for her expertise. When looking to elevate your HR efforts, don’t hesitate in booking diversity expert Thais Compoint.


"Thais’ passion and mastery of the diversity & inclusion topic has not only provided me with the inspiration to commence my own journey of discovery but also equipped me with the tools to make this sustainable for my team." - Richard, Coca-Cola Enterprises

Stephen Frost

A globally recognised expert on diversity, inclusion and leadership, Stephen Frost is the Founder of Included, a successful diversity and inclusion specialist agency. Supporting organisational inclusivity, Stephen has formerly worked as the Head of Diversity and Inclusion for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and earned the Gold Standard Diversity Works Award. Having also been the Head of Diversity and Inclusion and Strategy Lead on Inclusive Leadership at KPMG, Stephen is an expert on why diversity and inclusion needs to be at the heart of HR policies.

When booked to speak on human resources, Stephen emphasises why HR professionals must have diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of their agenda. Named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, Stephen is trusted by organisations such as BT Sport, Boeing, KPMG and Co-Op. When looking for an inspiring speech on HR, book Stephen Frost today.


Stephen is an incredibly inspiring speaker and strategic partner. I was honoured and over the moon when he agreed to speak at our sold-out event on building more innovative and inclusive workplaces in tech. Stephen walks the talk, he knows how to deeply engage everyone in the room – from reception to the c-suite, bringing together a unique combination of emotion, storytelling and commercial rigour. Stephen asks deep and thoughtful questions, ensuring you get to an outcome everyone can buy into. I loved our collaboration, and look forward to more in the future! - Melissa, Creative DEI Strategic Advisor

June Sarpong

Using her platform to promote the importance of diversity, June Sarpong has enjoyed a successful career emphasising the dangers of discrimination and campaigning for important issues such as gender pay gap and inequalities faced by minority communities. Co-Founder of the WIE Network, Founder of Diversify Work and Director of Creative Diversity for the BBC, June is passionate about abolishing discrimination in the workplace and achieving equal human rights.

As a leading expert on diversity and inclusion, June is booked as an HR speaker to emphasise the importance of eliminating discrimination in the workplace. Giving a voice to underrepresented communities, June ensures that HR policies cover support of people with disabilities and people from ethnic backgrounds, and is an excellent choice when looking for an HR speaker with a focus on DE&I.


"The feedback we have received regarding June presenting has been outstanding – really fabulous to have her join us on site and everyone who attended said it was brilliant" - Jessica, Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion, RS Components

Samantha Clarke

Samantha Clarke is the CEO of Love It Or Leave It, a company dedicated to helping managers and individuals to have better career development and workplace wellbeing. A leading happiness and change consultant, Samantha is on a mission to create the next generation of robust change-making leaders, and ultimately make people feel happier at work. Understanding the complexities of HR and people management, Samantha has an in-depth understanding of how to generate a positive workplace culture that prioritises happiness.

A catalyst of change, Samantha has worked with leading corporations such as Pizza Hut, Giorgio Armani, Virgin Media, Elle Magazine and the British Fashion Council to improve their HR policies and create happier workplaces. Inspiring widescale organisational change, Samantha Clarke is a leading speaker to hire when looking to focus on your HR policies.


"Sam was incredible – our most well attended of our little series yet, and so much good feedback!" - Charlotte, J.P. Morgan

Ruth Amos

Ruth Amos is famed as the Founder and Managing Director of StairSteady, a company that she created after her school design teacher challenged her to create a product for his father who had suffered a stroke. Fast forward to the present, and Ruth is a successful presenter and inventor who brings kids' inventions to life. The youngest person ever to appear on Management Today’s 35 Under 35 list, Ruth is now an expert on the future of work and speaks on the career trajectories for Generation Z.

Speaking to HR professionals, Ruth explains how their industry can expect to see changes as the workplace evolves. Sharing the important factors that must be paid attention to in the future of work, don’t miss out on a speech from empowering businesswoman Ruth Amos.


"Ruth was amazing! She tailored her speech for our audience and was articulate and engaging, well prepared and arrived early. She blew our minds with the content regarding The Future Of Work! She knew her stuff and the presentation flowed really well across the five areas she touched upon. The audience were fascinated and one even went out and bought a book she recommended afterwards. Ruth is a fantastic model for young women." - The Firm

Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell is a famed businessman, who found fame and success as the winner of the first series of The Apprentice. Co-Founder of the Bright Ideas Trust, a company dedicated to supporting people between 16 and 30 in creating their own businesses, Tim is dedicated to creating the next generation of entrepreneurs. Having also been a Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Advisor for AMS, Tim knows the ins and outs of ensuring that HR policies include up-to-date best practices of diversity and inclusion.

Having forged a successful career as a businessman, Tim has also authored the book What’s Your Bright Idea: The Journey To Starting Your Own Business – which earned him recognition as one of Amazon’s Top 10 Business Books of 2010. When looking for top tips on HR, don’t hesitate in booking business mogul Tim Campbell.


"Tim was an excellent speaker. Very interesting story and clearly very passionate about what he does" - Centre for Business

Pauline Miller

Pauline Miller is currently the Chief Equity Officer of Dentsu International, and has enjoyed a career for over two decades as a human resources professional. Leading the fight for diversification in corporate environments, Pauline has also formerly worked as the Head of Talent Development and Inclusion at Lloyd’s of London. In her role at Lloyd’s, Pauline was responsible for orchestrating Lloyd’s cultural programme and ensuring that employees from minority groups had equal opportunities in the workplace.

Also a board member of the United Nations Foundation Girl Up organisation, Pauline is empowering women to achieve their dreams. With decades of experience in implementing expert HR policies and spearheading the DE&I agenda, don’t miss out on a speech from HR expert Pauline Miller.

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Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

Louisa Mason-Hayes is the Project Manager and Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Champions. Since 2010, she has been an integral part of developing the brand, credited for her close role in supporting John Hayes, her Father and Champions' CEO. In her role as CSR Director, Louisa is passionate about human resources, as well as the future of work and futurism

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