Motivational tips to make you more productive

Chris Sutton
Digital Copywriter

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, it can be difficult to remain productive at work especially with all the distractions that day to day life can pose. Productivity is a key part of success in the workplace but it also can have personal benefits as well as the ones it provides your employers.

Becoming more productive can not only help you move up the career ladder but also make progress in other aspects of your life by adopting a few simple approaches. Here at Champions Motivational Speakers, we have compiled a list of the best ways to maintain productivity.

Healthy Eating

Remember – you are what you eat

For many of us, there isn’t a great deal of thought that goes into what we are going to eat at work. A lot of us simply view food as fuel to get us through the day, but in actual fact what we are consuming can have a significant impact on productivity levels.

Different foods affect our brain in different ways which is why it’s important that we are putting the right things into our body. For example, foods such as pasta, bread and cereal release glucose at a quicker rate than others. This results in a burst of energy which quickly turns into an energy slump. Then there are foods that contain higher contents of fat which may taste good but are extremely counterproductive when you are trying to put in the extra mile.

Initially, they can produce a sustained burst of energy but our digestive system has to work a lot faster to cope with them which results in us feeling sleepy and groggy later on. Not ideal when you are wanting to keep up to speed with work. An American study also found that people who ate healthier foods had a direct correlation when it came to engagement and creativity levels at work. Fruit and vegetables have vital nutrients in them which help our brain be more motivated. A way to combat this is to make sure you plan ahead. Don’t wait until the hunger strikes to think about your lunch otherwise, you are more likely to opt for the more appealing, yet often unhealthier option.

Keeping hydrated is also incredibly important. When you haven’t drunk enough water you can become sloppy and more forgetful as you won’t be in the right frame of mind for work. If you are becoming thirsty then it is a sign you are already dehydrated so make sure you go to the water cooler.



While getting up at the crack of dawn and going for a run or hitting the gym may feel like a pain, it can actually be incredibly beneficial in terms of productivity. Virgin founder Richard Branson regularly starts his days with a morning run and has certainly reaped the rewards over the years.

By increasing blood flow to the brain, exercise can keep you more focused and aware. A study from the University of Bristol discovered that people who exercised showed better time management skills and mental sharpness in their working life.

It can be easy to simply stay in bed when you are tired and the weather is at its worst and you might think it doesn’t make any sense to exercise when you are feeling this way. However, it can actually have the opposite effect as it enhances your body’s capabilities when it comes to transferring glucose and oxygen throughout the body and brain providing people with more energy throughout the day.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead

Often when it comes to working we have an objective in mind but meeting it can sometimes be challenging. However, by planning ahead you can ensure that you get all of your work done productively and to a high standard.

The first step to take when doing a project or piece of work is making sure you start way in advance of your deadline. By doing this you give yourself plenty of time to get into the swing of things, as well as allowing for any last-minute changes. By not rushing it also means your work will be at a higher quality as you are able to dedicate more time to perfect it.

Often you could have several projects running alongside each other. If this is the case then it is always beneficial to make lists of all the things you have to do and what is needed of you for each. This way you can visualise exactly what you need to do and prioritise accordingly ensuring productivity.


Set your body clock

Routines are extremely important if you want to succeed at work. It is recommended that the average adult gets between seven-nine hours of sleep but of course, sleeping patterns are very individualistic. If you are used to more or less than the recommended amount then you need to make sure you do what’s right for you.

The most productive people go to bed and wake up at the same time every day and this routine can see a range of positives for your career. Firstly, by sleeping an appropriate amount you are less likely to suffer from burnout. If you haven’t got enough sleep then when it comes to the last few hours of the working day you can find yourself flagging.

It may seem simple but sleeping more can actually help you make fewer mistakes. If you are sleep deprived, studies have shown that you have a 50% lower response rate on simple tasks compared to someone who is under the influence of alcohol. You are also likely to become distracted easier if we don’t get enough sleep as we cannot concentrate and our minds start to wander. So, going to bed an hour or two earlier really can pay dividends.

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