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We take a look at the best futurism speakers as well as the trends of the industry today. Involving a multitude of topics, futurism is the art of being able to predict future trends and explore the wider repercussions and possibilities that come through these changes.


By utilising data and learning from progression, experimentation and building on innovations, experts are able to forecast the future.


Futurism has evolved from an artistic and social movement it once was to the all-encompassing emphasis on the future of technology, consumerism, sustainability and industrialisation. Today the topic lays significant focus on the discoveries and breakthroughs that are driving change on planet earth. It discusses the role of these change-making trends and how they can impact the present and future of life.


What Will A Futurism Speaker Discuss? 


The term futurism has expanded beyond art. At present, it can be defined as modern trends representative of the future, specifically in fields like technology, business, engineering and finance. From the future of work to emerging geopolitical tensions, futurism is at the forefront of developing topics that will shape our future. 


A futurism speaker will give your business an industry advantage, due to the insider knowledge they can provide. Don’t be caught by sudden advancements in technologies, business strategies or policies, by utilising the knowledge on offer from these speakers. 


Where Did Futurism Come From?


In the early 20th century, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti swerved his car to miss a cyclist, ultimately flipping the vehicle into a ditch. Though the car was wrecked, Marinetti found the experience profoundly exhilarating, viewing it as the old in tension with the new. Inspired by the crash, he began his manifesto which explored a movement that destroyed nostalgia. Marinetti’s manifesto concludes with the powerful line - “Erect on the summit of the world, we hurl our defiance at the stars!”.

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