What Is Inclusive Leadership & Why Is It Beneficial in Business?

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An inclusive leader invests in the future success of both their employees and the wider business. Through authentic communication, leadership build a trusting environment where diverse employees can thrive and unite to achieve their shared business goals. Such leaders prioritise a diverse team, equal opportunities, equal contribution, and positive feedback.

Leading with purpose in business, inclusive leadership is a guidance style that grants all members of the workplace a feeling of belonging and value. Inclusive leadership ensures equality in business, as well as enhanced performance, attendance and collaboration. Find out more about inclusive leadership with our helpful FAQs below.

What Is Inclusive Leadership?

An inclusive leader is a senior figure in business who is open to new perspectives and ideas from others. They will listen and take these perspectives into account without any bias. With an appreciation for diversity, these leaders encourage more innovation and motivate their workforce to achieve their full potential.

What Are the Fundamentals of Inclusive Leadership?

Inclusive leadership works hand in hand with diversity. The fundamentals of inclusive leadership include a range of values, attitudes and actions, such as:

  • Welcome a range of approaches, ideas, perspectives, and knowledge from all employees
  • Embrace the differences of people in the workplace – no matter their race, sexuality, ethnicity, age, gender or ability
  • Respect people’s limits and remain considerate of their boundaries
  • Strengthen each individual’s innovation, creativity, and contribution, but above all, make sure that their voice is heard

What Are the Benefits of Inclusive Leadership?

There are many advantages to having inclusive leadership, here are some that will benefit members of a business and the business itself!

  • Enhance productivity and performance
  • Prioritise under-represented groups
  • Boost creativity
  • Better services to customers, clients, and service users
  • Improve teamwork and communication
  • Higher employee retention
  • Increase loyalty
  • A more diverse talent pool

How Does Inclusive Leadership Benefit Employees and Business Performance?

Business performance relies on embracing new perspectives, diversities, and inclusive leadership. Not only does it establish a sense of belonging and confidence among employees, but inclusive leadership also encourages employees to bring their full potential to work.

Research on company culture shows that employees are 9.8 times more likely to look forward to going to work and 35% are more likely to outperform competitors because they have more pride in their work, owing to inclusivity.

Our top inclusive leadership speakers provide a refined picture of inclusivity. A great way to understand inclusive leadership is by booking one of the thought leaders below for your event, to supply insight into the endless possibilities of inclusive leadership.

Who Are the Top Speakers to Hire on Inclusive Leadership?

Discover the top inclusive leadership speakers to hire for your corporate event or conference:

  1. Afua Hagan
  2. Akala
  3. Charlie Martin
  4. JJ Chalmers
  5. Billie Jean King

Book an Inclusive Leadership Expert For Your Event!

To hire a thought speaker on inclusive leadership for your event, contact the Motivational Speakers agency either by phone, at 0207 0787 876, or via our online form.

Chris Tompkins Official Author Picture
Senior Keynote Speaker & Entertainment Manager

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Outside the office, Chris is equally dedicated. He coaches his son's under-8 football team and enjoys golf, football and quality time with his wife and children. At work, his passion for sports shines through as he also specialises in booking Olympic and Paralympic athletes, footballers, rugby speakers and more. Chris's multifaceted expertise and personal passions make him an invaluable asset to The Motivational Speakers Agency.


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