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Conference facilitators will bring your event to life with their pioneering concepts and global reputation. From passionate presenters to experienced explorers, each host has their own fascinating story and impressive skillset, to offer a range of speaking topics.

Able to strike the perfect balance of entertaining whilst also informing audiences, conference facilitators enhance events to leave a lasting impression on your guests. They also supply structure, to ensure your conference stays on schedule and each valuable topic is discussed.

In our latest post, discover a diverse list of corporate conference facilitators perfect for your event.

Fiona Bruce

One of the biggest names in journalism, Fiona Bruce is an award-winning presenter, newsreader, and journalist. As the first female newsreader on News at 10, she has been the face of BBC News for over two decades and was named the Newscaster of the Year on three occasions by the Television and Radio Industry Club.

Renowned for her approachable personality and eloquent presenting skills, the insightful Fiona Bruce is available to hire as a facilitator at your next corporate conference. No stranger to sensitive conversations, she can mediate a wide range of topics, including politics and current events.

Kenton Cool

An avid adventurer, Kenton Cool has successfully conquered Mount Everest 14 times. Kenton was a passionate climber throughout his life, joining the British Association of Mountain Guides and recently working alongside his climbing partner to become the first people to cross Lhotse, Everest, and Nuptse without returning to base camp.

Kenton’s time spent climbing has taught him valuable skills that he regularly relates to life in the corporate world. His knowledge of team building and leadership are second-to-none, and his ability to deliver this knowledge in a captivating blend of adventure stories and informative lessons makes Kenton an exciting corporate host.

Kate Brandt

Spearheading the eco-friendly revolution, Kate Brandt possesses invaluable expertise on climate change. Currently working for Google as a Sustainability Officer, Kate has revolutionised Google’s processes, ensuring they are in line with the new, environmentally friendly regulations, and that they remain ahead of the curve for renewable energy.

Kate will add credibility to any corporate conference centred around sustainability, as her expert advice has helped so many companies go green. As a facilitator, she can moderate a wide range of climate-themed topics, to explain how business can improve their sustainability policies. 

Sophie Cornish

As the co-founder of notonthehighstreet.com, Sophie Cornish is the prime example of an innovative businessperson who spotted a gap in the market and successfully filled it. Now working with over 5,000 small business partners and selling over 100,000 products, her entrepreneurial prowess has turned her kitchen table company idea into a multi-million-pound company.

Sophie now offers advice through her events, on how to strike the right balance of creativity, teamwork, and focus. Her facilitating is referred for its honesty and authenticity, driven by Sophie's passion for business success.

Biz Stone

Co-founder of social media giant Twitter, Biz Stone’s exceptional creative skills enabled him to challenge the popular social media platforms of the time. Inspired by his experience working for technology giant Google as a senior specialist, in 2006 Biz founded Twitter alongside Jack Dorsey.

The microblogging and social networking platform was an immediate hit, showcasing Biz’s creative genius. This experience makes Biz an authoritative moderator, able to provide unique insight on a range of topics, particularly technology and innovation, to leave a lasting impression on audiences of any size.

Trevor McDonald

Nothing short of a television icon, Sir Trevor McDonald is best known across the globe as the anchor for News at Ten, as well as creating some of the most captivating and compelling documentaries, delivering daring footage with unique insight into topics that had never been explored before.

An instantly recognisable figure, Trevor’s place in the nation’s heart has made him one of the most celebrated news presenters of all time, and a highly sought-after conference facilitator. His level-headed confidence makes Trever the perfect moderator for polarising conference topics.

Ken Segall

Ken Segall is best known for his position as Creative Director at Apple. Saving Apple from going under, in 1990 he re-launched the brand in keeping with Steve Jobs’ ‘simplicity’ concept. This contributed to Apple’s success, becoming the most valuable company on earth. Ken also came up with the product name iMac, thus creating the iconic ‘i’ that now features on all Apple devices.

An internationally recognised moderator, Ken uses his own knowledge and experience to inform others on topics including the power of simplicity and how to create effective advertising, making him a popular facilitator for corporate conferences.

Kanya King

Best known for founding the internationally recognised MOBO Awards, Kanya King is a highly influential figure. Her inspirational drive for social change led Kanya to develop a platform to provide a more diverse and inclusive foundation for talent to grow.

Regarded as one of the most inspiring female figures in the business sector, Kanya has won multiple awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award. As an insightful moderator and with so much experience in the events sector, Kanya is the perfect choice for corporate conferences on topics like diversity and business.

Ann Daniels

Recognised as one of the leading authorities in her field, Ann Daniels is a hugely successful explorer who became the joint first woman in history to reach both the North and South Poles. Naturally, such a challenging career choice has led to an altered state of mind, enabling Ann to not only survive but thrive in extreme settings.

As part of some of the most ambitious expeditions ever completed, Ann has gained an abundance of skills that she eloquently shares, inspiring all manner of audiences. When moderating conferences on peak performance, teamwork and leadership, she readily offers her compelling insight into such topics. 


Beginning his career in the music industry in 2003, Akala has since gained a fierce millennial following. Akala founded the Hip Hop Shakespeare Company in 2009, supporting young people by giving them a platform to showcase their talents alongside other distinguished artists.

He is highly influential, regarded as a leading activist in the Black Lives Matter Movement, and often gives talks to inspire future generations. A real role model, Akala is a dynamic host focused on educating his audience by participating in valuable discussions on race and diversity.

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