Top Trending EdTech Speakers to Hire in 2024

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Top Trending EdTech Speakers to Hire in 2024

The anticipated doubling of EdTech spending to $404 billion within five years underscores the vital role of educational technology in modern teaching and learning. As educators strive to cater to a diverse and complex classroom landscape, learning more about EdTech becomes imperative, not just as a means to enhance learning but to ensure equitable access to education.

Understanding EdTech is crucial as it equips educators with tools to alleviate administrative burdens, thereby enriching the educator-student relationship. As such, investing time and resources into comprehending and implementing EdTech strategies is not merely a forward-thinking move in the context of market growth—it is a commitment to inclusivity and the betterment of educational practices. Recognising the impact of EdTech, is central to fostering an adaptive, effective, and accessible learning environment for all students.

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Hire One of These Top Trending EdTech Speakers!

Having worked with some of the most prominent figures in EdTech, The Motivational Speakers Agency has compiled the following top EdTech speakers: 

1. Rose Luckin

Rose Luckin, a prominent figure in the intersecting worlds of education and technology, brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to her role as a keynote speaker. With her extensive background at UCL and as Founder & CEO of Educate Ventures, she offers unparalleled insights into the integration of AI into educational settings. Her experience in the design and evaluation of educational technology makes her an invaluable asset to conferences and symposia focused on the future of learning.

An ISTE Impact Award winner and recognised by Computer Weekly as one of 2023's Most Influential Women in Technology, Rose's international acclaim is a testament to her visionary approach. Authoring significant works on machine learning's role in education, she addresses the pressing issues at the nexus of AI and human intelligence. As a media-recognised expert and the President of the Self-Managed Learning College in Brighton, Rose's dynamic presentations engage audiences across the globe. Her command over subjects such as generative AI and EdTech is sought after by educational institutions, corporate entities, and policy forums alike. Engaging Rose Luckin as a speaker is an investment in future-forward education.

2. Vikki Liogier

Vikki Liogier stands out as a distinguished education and technology keynote speaker with a rich background as the Governor of USP College and a noted education and digital capability consultant. With her deep understanding of EdTech, honed through significant roles such as the Head of e-Learning and Innovation and the National Head of EdTech and Digital Skills at The Education and Training Foundation, Vikki brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to her speaking engagements. Her analytical acumen and project management expertise have been instrumental in pioneering innovative solutions within the education sector.

Vikki’s thought leadership in EdTech has been recognised with accolades such as the EdTech 50 award. Her authoritative voice in the industry has been further solidified by serving as an EdTech 50 Judge and a member of the Business Cloud EdTech50 judging panel. Audiences at the EdTech World Forum and EduTech Europe have already benefited from her thought-provoking presentations. Engage with her at your next event for a keynote that will surely resonate and inspire innovation in the field of educational technology. Book Vikki Liogier for an encounter with excellence and vision in EdTech.

3. Tobias Ahlin

Tobias Ahlin, a prominent figure in the tech industry, is not only GitHub's Principal Design Engineer but also a beacon of innovation in design and development. His journey, which took flight at Hyper Island, has seen him emerge as a defining force in shaping user experiences for digital giants like Spotify and Minecraft. At Spotify, his role in crafting the user interface laid a foundation for his deep understanding of creating products that resonate with users globally. His tenure at Mojang as the Experience Design Director, where he led UI and UX for the globally renowned Minecraft franchise, further cemented his status as a thought leader in game design and user engagement.

As an Industry Leader at Hyper Island, Tobias influences the next generation of digital creatives, bridging the gap between academia and the pulsating tech industry. His selection as a Jury Member for the Swedish Design Awards underscores his authority and recognition in the field. His extensive work across various operating systems demonstrates a versatile command of product design, making him a coveted speaker for events centred on technology, user psychology, and innovative design strategies. Booking Tobias Ahlin means inviting an illustrious pioneer who can eloquently unravel the intricacies of technology and design, providing invaluable insights into building successful, user-centric products.

Official Speaking Topics for Tobias Ahlin:

  • Technology & Innovation
  • Mojang & Minecraft
  • Spotify User Design
  • Users Psychology

4. Corey Seemiller

Dr. Corey Seemiller stands out as a distinguished educational and technology keynote speaker, particularly on the intricacies of Generation Z. Her deep-rooted experience in academia, coupled with her extensive research on this demographic, positions her as a crucial voice in understanding the unique attributes of young people today. With her role at Wright State University, Corey is at the forefront of shaping future leaders through innovative and insightful leadership education.

Her trajectory from residence hall leadership roles to a director of leadership programs reflects her dedication to nurturing leadership qualities among youth. As a speaker, Corey taps into her comprehensive studies, such as the Generation Z Stories Project and her critically acclaimed publications co-authored with Dr. Meghan Grace, to deliver engaging and informative presentations. Her insights are not only academic but also have a practical impact, influencing various sectors as they adapt to the emerging trends and perspectives of Generation Z. Through the Sonoran Center for Leadership Development, she continues to offer her wealth of knowledge. Dr. Corey Seemiller’s speaking engagements are invaluable opportunities for audiences to gain a deeper understanding of Generation Z and the evolving landscape of leadership in the digital age.

Official Testimonial for Dr. Corey Seemiller:

"Dr Seemiller is an inspirational leader and teacher... She not only teaches leadership development principles, but she also designs experiences that show you the incredible potential for applying them in your work, community and in your life... She taught me the power of living what you believe in." - Shelby, Faction Media Group

5. Kate Griggs

Kate Griggs, an education and youth & EdTech keynote speaker, stands as a beacon of inspiration and change. Her mission, rooted in personal experience and the life-changing work of Made by Dyslexia, resonates profoundly with her audiences. Kate brings a dynamic blend of personal insight and global impact to the podium, challenging the stigma around dyslexia and redefining it as a superpower. Her speeches are informed by her role as an author and her unique ability to connect with both adults and children through her written work. She leverages her expansive network, highlighted by her podcast "Lessons in Dyslexic Thinking," to share transformative stories that underscore the extraordinary potential of dyslexic minds.

Her practical approach calls for action, urging educators to become adept at recognising and nurturing the talents inherent in dyslexic thinking. By showcasing the world's largest community of dyslexic individuals and allies, she underscores the widespread and impactful nature of her advocacy. Kate Griggs, with her stirring oratory and empowering message, is a catalyst for change in education and a compelling voice in the discussion of how we value different ways of thinking.

6. Hayley Mulenda

Hayley Mulenda stands out as an eloquent mental health, education, and technology keynote speaker. Surviving a personal mental health crisis, she channels her experiences into powerful advocacy, championing mental well-being, particularly among the youth. As a prolific author, her book "The ABC’s To Student Success" echoes her commitment to supporting others in transforming their adversities into strengths. Her dynamic presentations have graced the stages of high-profile corporations, including JP Morgan and Microsoft, where she pushes for meaningful changes in workplace mental health practices.

Her initiatives extend beyond speaking engagements, with her Building You Masterclass fostering personal growth and resilience. Hayley's extensive involvement in community and youth programs, from Migrant Leaders to One Young World, underlines her dedication to societal upliftment. Recognised for her influential work, she has garnered numerous accolades and served on prestigious platforms, such as TEDx, illustrating her far-reaching impact. Hayley Mulenda not only educates and inspires but also instils a call to action, making her a vital voice in the discourse on mental health and education.

Official Testimonial for Hayley Mulenda:

"So inspirational! I am speechless and I am beyond impressed, exceptional" - OB, JP Morgan

7. Paige Johnson Paige Johnson

Paige Johnson stands at the forefront of educational transformation, leveraging technology to foster equitable access to quality education. As the Vice President of Education Marketing at Microsoft, she has strategically expanded the company’s educational products and services on a global scale. An esteemed keynote speaker, Paige is poised to impart her vast expertise on integrating technology in classrooms to empower both educators and students.

A past K12 Strategist at Amazon Web Services, Paige enhanced educational engagement through cloud computing and innovative virtual platforms. Her leadership extends to serving on boards like Minor Guard and steering the EdCatalyst Group, before her impactful entry into Microsoft. A committee member on the National Assessment Governing Board for Technological Literacy, Paige’s dedication is unwavering. She collaborates with educators and policymakers, advocating for technology-infused learning solutions. Inviting Paige to speak is to invite a visionary who has not only witnessed but also catalysed the evolution of education in the digital age. Book Paige Johnson for insights into a future where technology and education converge seamlessly.

8. Paul Redmond

Dr. Paul Redmond stands out as a dynamic education and future of work keynote speaker, whose extensive experience with the generational dynamics of today's students informs his insightful presentations. His career, dedicated to fostering wellbeing and creating opportunities for students across prestigious British universities, underpins his authority on multi-generational workplaces. Paul's current role as the Director of Student Experience and Enhancement at the University of Liverpool places him at the strategic heart of education and employability, further enhancing his credibility as a speaker.

His deep dive into the lives of Millennials and Generation Z through roles like the Director of Student Life at The University of Manchester, and later, the Director of Employability at the University of Liverpool, provides him with a nuanced perspective on transitioning students to professionals. As a past President of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Service and a prolific author, Paul’s insights are both researched and lived. Redmond’s prowess as a speaker is well recognised; from TEDx talks to high-profile corporate events, his sessions on workplace evolution, generational engagement, and wellbeing are packed with actionable intelligence. Organisations including Google and the NHS have leveraged his expertise, making Dr. Paul Redmond a sought-after voice for understanding the pulse of the future workplace and the emerging workforce.

Official Testimonial for Paul Redmond:

"Paul was a relaxed and superb. He engaged with the people in the room and delivered a slick, humorous and informative presentation." - Sterling Insurance Group

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