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Marginal Gain

The marginal gains technique is a systematic method that enables individuals to improve because of the cumulative effect of small changes, leading to major outcomes. Many people will typically set significant goals; however, they may fail to achieve them because they will attempt to tackle those goals all at once.

This is where the revolutionary marginal gains process comes into play. Our marginal gains speakers have all used this philosophy to boost their performance and dominate in their professions. Booking them for speaking engagements will give you access to their tried and tested techniques which are guaranteed to optimise your performance. 


What are marginal gains?

Definition: Marginal gains is the philosophy that 1% improvements produce significant results when combined.

The philosophy has been employed by business professionals and sports coaches alike, as the backbone of their training policy. It highlights specific areas of improvement and celebrates achievements no matter how small, to keep individuals on a firm path to success.

In the words of the mastermind himself, Dave Brailsford:

"The whole principle of marginal gains came from the idea that if you broke down everything that could impact cycling performance — absolutely everything you could think of — and then you improved everything little thing by 1%, when you clump it all together, you're going to get quite a significant increase in performance. So we set about looking at everything we could.”

How successful is the marginal gains theory?

When marginal gains theory is applied to sports, it is highly advantageous as the British Cycling team discovered. Within five years they became the dominant cycling team winning 60% of the gold medals in the 2008 Olympic Games. In business, marginal gains have been linked to enhanced performance, with a 1% improvement per day equating to a 37% increase in performance over a year.

Top Marginal Gains Speakers Available to Book Today!

Below, we have hand-selected our favourite marginal gains speakers available for your 2024 event. Many of these speakers are also listed on our specialist website, The High Performance Speakers Agency, which features our complete selection of marginal gains speakers

1. Mo Farah

Mo Farah is widely regarded to be one of the most successful Olympians in the event’s history. Born in Somalia, he moved to the UK aged eight to take the British sporting scene by storm, starting with the European Junior Athletics Championship.

Mo has broken several international records, a testament to his gruelling yet highly successful training regime. Having employed marginal gains techniques, Mo has carved an incredibly inspiring sporting career.

2. Kelly Holmes

Long-distance runner, Dame Kelly Holmes DBE, has set several records over her career. The Olympian and former member of the British Army has employed marginal gains at each stage of her professional journey, a testament to the theories’ adaptability.

Kelly has since been a vocal advocate for mental health awareness, using her personal story to inspire a new perspective in audiences. Marginal gains mean more than physical peak performance, but the ability to build mental resistance and wellbeing.

3. Marc Priestly

From his career in Formula 1, Marc Priestly is now booked equipped with valuable knowledge of marginal gains. He is one of the most popular motorsports speakers on the market, and regularly shares anecdotes featuring the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. 

In the pits, strategy, determination and resilience are essential. Marc's experience working in the F1 pit lane makes him a leading expert on marginal gains, as he understands the value of incremental improvements. 

4. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is one of the most successful sportspeople in the world. The retired Olympic swimmer earned 28 medals, including 23 Gold medals, a record-setting number in Olympic history. To be a successful athlete, marginal gains are essential, making Michael Phelps a popular speaker on the topic. 

At events, Michael reflects on his incredible career at the forefront of global sporting competitions. He shares with audiences the secrets of marginal gains, including how he balanced productive rest with optimum performance. 

5. Dan Hunt

The Head of Elite Performance, Dan Hunt, is a leading expert on productivity, resilience and marginal gains. His influence on Team GB's Olympic and World Championship teams established is evident through the several Gold medals he helped the athletes achieve. 

From his roles as Head of Performance for the Premier League to Performance Director for British Ski and Snowboard, Dan has thrived in several leadership roles. He can connect with corporate audiences, as Dan understands the value of marginal gains. 

6. Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is one of the most recognisable speakers on the circuit. He was named the official best motivational speaker in the world by Global Gurus, an achievement that reflects Simon's popularity and influence on the speaking circuit. 

As a speaker, Simon talks openly about resilience, determination and marginal gains. He teaches corporate audiences the importance of finding purpose in their work and the value of teamwork in business success. 

7. Jamil Qureshi

As a leading expert on performance psychology, Jamil Qureshi is particularly passionate about marginal gains. He has worked with several successful athletes and sports teams, to optimise their performance through marginal gains theory. 

When booked for corporate events, Jamil utilises his experience working with the likes of David Coulthard to engage audiences. His anecdotes include actionable takeaways for peak performance and marginal gains. 

8. James Clear

Arguably one of the most powerful motivational speakers available to book, James Clear is regularly invited to speak at corporate events, including elite, invite-only conferences. He is a leading expert on productivity and marginal gains, two speaking topics that help corporate teams create better systems and processes. 

The New York Times bestseller is renowned for his positive influence on audiences. James specialises in helping audiences make small but powerful changes to their lives, which leads to better decision-making and productivity. 

9. Christian Horner

Elite Formula One Driver Christian Horner began his career with Renault after winning a scholarship in 1991. He quickly established himself as a talented driver after winning the British Formula Renault Championship. This placed him as the highest-ranked newcomer.

In 2005 he joined Red Bull becoming the youngest team principal and rapidly displayed his extraordinary talent, helping his team win 34 points in the championship within his first year. He also played a significant role in helping Red Bull earn their first podium position in 2006 and became the youngest team principal to win an F1 Constructors World Championship in 2010.

10. Sir Ben Ainslie

One of three elite athletes to win medals at five different Olympic Games, Sir Ben Ainslie is considered the most successful sailor in Olympic history. He began competing at an early age and by 12 participated in his first international competition. Although he came 73rd overall, Ben gained lots of valuable experience which he applied over the next few years to prepare for his first Olympic Games in 1996.

Using the marginal gains method, Ben developed his skills to transition from the Laser class in 2000 to the larger Finn class by 2004. He dominated in both categories winning four consecutive Gold Olympic Medals between 2000 and 2012. Having successfully benefited from marginal gains, Ben can share his techniques when booked for a speaking engagement.

11. Sir Dave Brailsford

Sir Dave Brailsford is a highly respected authority on marginal gains having applied the philosophy extensively to the British Cycling Team in his capacity as Performance Director of British Cycling. Dave believes that a 1% gain in different areas can produce an extraordinary cumulative benefit.

Proving his theory to be correct, he revolutionised the British Cycling Team by optimising every detail. The results were staggering! The Cycling Team went from being average to dominating the sport with 16 gold medals over eight years in the Olympic Games and Tour de France. Dave excels as a marginal gains speaker, articulately applying his theory to workplace settings.

12. Mandy Hickson

Mandy Hickson is a prime example of a high-performing individual. Only the second female pilot to fly a Tornado GR4 on the front line, she has heavily invested in her personal development to become a leading pilot with the RAF. Since her selection as a test case at the beginning of her career, Mandy has become a much-respected pilot who has broken down barriers for aspiring female pilots.

In her speaking sessions, Mandy shares her journey with the audience talking about major points in her career and how continuous development has played an instrumental role in her progression.

13. Baroness Karren Brady

Baroness Karren Brady’s personal development can only be described as extraordinary. Starting her career on an advertising traineeship, at 23 Karren became the managing director of Birmingham City Football Club and at 27 she was the youngest ever manager of a UK PLC.

Firmly establishing herself as a leading businesswoman, Karren is a role model for every entrepreneur and frequently shares business development tips. Also, a trusted advisor to Lord Alan Sugar on The Apprentice, Karren astutely monitors candidates' progress, noting any gain in their abilities. This makes her a perfect speaker on the topic of marginal gains.

14. Sir Clive Woodward

Sir Clive Woodward began his professional rugby career after graduating from Loughborough University. He joined the Leicester Tigers, a leading rugby team, where he played in the centre position. Within a short period, he displayed exceptional talent leading to a call from the national team followed by a debut in 1980 against Ireland. Establishing himself as a prominent player, he retired with 21 caps.

Soon after, Clive began his coaching career and played an instrumental role in the development of the English rugby team. This led England to win their first-ever World Cup in 2003 after dominating in the Six Nations in 2000 and 2001. Proving himself a legendary coach, he was Knighted in 2004 followed by an induction into the World Rugby Hall of Fame in 2011. As a phenomenal coach, Clive brings his vast knowledge of developing elite athletes to his speaking sessions, providing audiences with valuable takeaways.

15. Roz Savage

Through sheer determination and hard work, Roz Savage an ordinary management consultant accomplished the impossible. In 2006 she undertook the most extraordinary adventure, rowing across the Atlantic Ocean solo. She succeeded, but that was just the beginning of her journey. She decided to row across the Indian and Pacific oceans, to become the first woman to row solo across three oceans!

All this was possible through continuous development. Roz had to learn how to control her stress levels and a host of other things to make this epic adventure a reality. Demonstrating the power of marginal gains, Roz excels as a speaker, sharing her phenomenal story to show her audience that anything is possible.

16. Damian Hughes

Damian Hughes is a prominent psychologist who specialises in creating high-performing work environments. As the founder of Liquid Thinkers, a leading employee engagement consultancy, Damian has helped several high-profile clients unlock their full potential through his exceptional program.

Also, the author of multiple best-selling books, Damian has been applauded for his innovative thinking by the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Tiger Woods, and Jonny Wilkinson. As an excellent speaker, Damian shares valuable advice with his audience about how they can become high-performing individuals.

17. Jo Salter

Jo Salter began her journey with the RAF at 18, initially training to become an engineer officer. However, a change in regulation allowing women to fly jet aircrafts led Jo to change her career path and become the first female fast jet pilot. Undergoing a tough but incredibly rewarding journey, Jo is all too aware of the importance of continuous personal growth.

She has played an instrumental role in coaching many aspiring air cadets into the skies during Air Experience Flights. Jo continues her journey of personal growth as Director of Global Transformative Leadership for PWC. As a result of her phenomenal career, In 2022 Tom Cruise invited Jo to attend the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick.

18. Kevin Gaskell

Kevin Gaskell is the definition of what it means to be a high-performing individual. Having led an incredibly successful career in the automotive industry, aged just 32 he became the Managing Director for Porsche turning a struggling company into one of the most profitable automotive businesses in the UK.

Following his tremendous success with Pofche, he was appointed CEO for BMW and Lamborghini where he continued to produce outstanding results. Kevin is credited with generating over £3 billion in shareholder value during his time with Epyx and EurotaxGlass. As an outstanding speaker, Kevin shares his best secrets for developing successful teams.

19. Jimmy Connors

Former number one Tennis player in thinWorld, Jimmy Connors is an expert on developing and maintaining peak performance. He dominated in tennis for many years ranking in the top 10 for 16 years and number one for five consecutive years. Winning a staggering 109 ATP singles, Jimmy is one of the select few elite tennis players to achieve this feat.

He was inducted into the Tennis International Hall of Fame in 1998 and continues to be involved in tennis as a commentator for NBC and BBC. An excellent sportsman and remarkable speaker, Jimmy speaks about his drive, determination and the techniques used for continuous growth.

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