The Official Trending Female Inspirational Speakers to Hire in the UK

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Female motivational speakers are hired globally to offer unique perspectives, inspire resilience and empower audiences by sharing their diverse experiences of overcoming gender-specific challenges.

Why is it Important to Empower Women? 

Empowering women is crucial, due to the inequalities they continue to face. 2.4 billion women lack equal economic opportunities, undermining global economic growth. Additionally, women globally have only three-quarters of the legal rights of men, reflecting systemic inequity. Gender inequality also exacerbates hunger and poverty, with 60% of chronically hungry people being women and girls. Additionally, over two-thirds of the 796 million illiterate people worldwide are women, limiting their potential. Addressing these issues through empowerment can transform societies, boost economies and create a more just and equitable world for all.

Sources: World Bank & UN Women

Who Are the Official Trending Female Inspirational Speakers to Hire?

Following vetted feedback from 224 inspirational events with female motivational speakers, between 2022 and 2024, here at The Motivational Speakers Agency Megan Lupton has collated her exclusive selection of the Official Trending Female Inspirational Speakers to Hire in the UK below:

  1. Katie Piper
  2. Dame Ellen MacArthur
  3. Jenny Campbell
  4. Germaine Greer
  5. Ann Daniels
  6. Sally Uren
  7. Dame Stella Rimington
  8. Penny Mallory
  9. Sarah Storey
  10. Nicky Moffat

Katie Piper

Katie Piper's life story is a testament to human resilience and determination. Once a budding model, Katie's life was forever altered by a horrific acid attack orchestrated by a vengeful ex-partner. Rather than succumbing to despair, she turned adversity into empowerment, becoming a beacon of hope and inspiration for many.

As an advocate for self-love and victim support, she established The Katie Piper Foundation, offering aid to those in similar situations. Her candidness in sharing her journey, through television features, best-selling books, and her speaking tour, ‘What's in My Head’, has earned her widespread admiration. Recognised with an OBE in 2022, Katie Piper's indomitable spirit continues to inspire audiences worldwide.

Dame Ellen MacArthur

Dame Ellen MacArthur, an acclaimed sailor with multiple world records, has transformed her passion for adventure into impactful advocacy for a sustainable future. From setting records in solo circumnavigations to achieving accolades like the Laureus World Sports Award, Ellen’s journey from a novice sailor on her aunt's boat to a globally recognised yachtsman is awe-inspiring.

Today, she is not just celebrated for her sailing prowess but for her eloquent promotion of the circular economy, highlighting the need for sustainable practices in the face of climate change. As an author, TED speaker, and Founder of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, her influence extends beyond the seas. She's a beacon for change, inspiring women and environmentalists alike.

Jenny Campbell

Jenny Campbell stands out as an inspirational keynote speaker, emanating influence, and inspiration. Rising to prominence as an astute entrepreneur and investor in Dragons' Den, Jenny exudes multifaceted brilliance in the business realm, specialising in corporate turnaround and scaling up businesses. From starting as a cash counter at NatWest to transforming YourCash Europe into a successful venture, her journey is a beacon of resilience and innovation.

This banking virtuoso, renowned for her business acumen, imparts invaluable insights from her illustrious career as the Vice-Chair of the Prince's Trust Enterprise Fellowship Programme, and at esteemed events, inspiring budding entrepreneurs, and established professionals alike. Jenny's commitment to sharing knowledge underscores her status as a compelling voice in the corporate world.

Germaine Greer

Germaine Greer, acclaimed author of 'The Female Eunuch', stands as an epitome of feminist resilience and activism. An alumna of the University of Warwick, her prolific career spans three decades, during which she has actively contributed to both Australian and English media.

Passionate about various social issues, from the rights of Asian and African women to environmental concerns, Germaine has displayed unparalleled courage in addressing stigmatised subjects, like post-60 women's sexuality. Her appearances on platforms like BBC’s Newsnight and Celebrity Big Brother highlight her trademark candidness and wit. As a keynote speaker, Germaine's unflinching commitment to bringing polarising subjects to the forefront promises a transformative experience for her audience.

Ann Daniels

Ann Daniels stands as a beacon of resilience, leadership, and determination, firmly establishing herself as Britain's premier female explorer. Her audacious accomplishment of leading an all-women team on a ski journey to the poles in 2002 showcased the limitless potential of focused ambition. With over 14 polar expeditions under her belt and surviving 400 intense days on treacherous ice, Ann's stories resonate with themes of meticulous planning and unwavering positivity.

Recognised globally, with accolades from the Guinness Book of Records to the Pride of Britain Award, she has captivated audiences for prestigious organisations such as Disney and IBM. As an inspirational keynote speaker, Ann Daniels not only regales her thrilling polar tales but also emboldens women, emphasising the vitality of sustainable leadership, teamwork, and zeal.

Sally Uren

Sally Uren, an iconic figure in sustainability, has become a sought-after keynote speaker for international events, thanks to her unmatched knowledge and experience spanning over 25 years. As the CEO of Forum for the Future and a member of the Board of Trustees at the Galapagos Conservation Trust, her relentless commitment to ecological responsibility is evident.

With a foundational Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from Imperial College London, Sally's professional journey has seen her spearhead sustainable initiatives in multiple sectors, garnering recognition including an OBE in 2017. Her speeches offer profound insights, inspiring audiences to prioritise sustainability and champion collaborative environmental stewardship.

Dame Stella Rimington

Stella Rimington, the first female Director-General of MI5 and an acclaimed author, is a beacon of inspiration, eloquently speaking on her ground-breaking career in intelligence and literature. With a rich background in English Language and Literature and Archives Administration, Stella’s journey from an archivist to a pivotal role in MI5 is world-renowned.

Her tenure in counter-terrorism, counter-subversion, and counter-espionage sectors has equipped her with unparalleled insights. Stella's prestigious recognitions, including being Dame Commander of the Order of the Bath and her Honorary Doctorate, augment her repute. As a speaker, her diverse experiences and pioneering spirit captivate a myriad of audiences, making her a sought-after keynote speaker at distinguished events.

Penny Mallory

Penny Mallory, a former British Rally Championship driver and the first woman to drive a World Rally Car, is an inspirational keynote speaker known for her insights into achieving mental toughness. From overcoming a challenging upbringing and breaking barriers in a male-dominated sport to becoming a proficient speaker, Penny embodies resilience and determination.

She shares her expertise with renowned companies, including Microsoft and Google, focusing on enhancing confidence and resilience for notable results in today’s dynamic environment. A decorated career, exceptional life experiences, and unparalleled mental strength make Penny a sought-after expert, inspiring audiences to transcend their limits and embrace change.

Sarah Storey

Sarah Storey is a luminary in the realm of sports, epitomising unwavering grit and determination. Born with a disability, she transformed adversity into strength, first dominating the Paralympic pool, then cycling tracks worldwide. A testament to her perseverance, Sarah not only excelled as a Paralympian but also broke barriers competing against able-bodied athletes.

With 28 Paralympic medals, including ground-breaking wins at the Beijing, London, and Tokyo Games, her achievements are unparalleled. But her legacy isn't confined to her athletic prowess; as a founder of the Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International women's amateur cycling team and supporter of the Boot Out Breast Cancer charity, she's a catalyst for change. As a keynote speaker, Sarah's journey inspires countless, igniting in them the fire to conquer their challenges.

Nicky Moffat

Nicky Moffat stands as a beacon of leadership and inspiration, particularly for women aspiring to carve out their place in challenging professions. Serving the British Army for 27 years, she rose to become its highest-ranking female, overseeing 4,500 soldiers. Beyond the battlefield, Moffat's impact is palpable in her role as a Leadership Development Expert and Executive Coach at What Good Leadership Looks Like, and her in-depth knowledge stemming from her academic accolades.

Frequently gracing television screens on platforms like BBC Newsnight and Netflix, her insights on leadership, organisational culture, and transformational change are sought after. As an inspirational keynote speaker, Nicky’s wisdom on inclusive leadership and her transformative journey inspire audiences across diverse sectors.

How Can I Hire a Female Inspirational Speaker?

In a world where 44% of women continue to face microaggressions, it is more important than ever to show your support and empower the inspirational women all around you. What better way to do that than by hiring an inspirational female speaker? To hire a female motivational speaker, contact The Motivational Speakers Agency by calling 0207 0787 876 or completing our online contact form today!

This exclusive article on The Official Trending Female Inspirational Speakers to Hire in the UK was authored by Megan Lupton, using vetted feedback from 224 inspirational events with female motivational speakers, between 2022 and 2024.

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