The Top Ranked Futurist Speakers Shaping the Future in 2024

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Top Ranked Futurist Speakers for 2024

Top futurists live perpetually on the cutting edge of what is to come. Whether dealing with technological changes, behavioural changes or societal changes, top CEOs and organisations rely on expert futurists to help them adjust to oncoming shifts in how we all live, work and interact.

What is a Futurist?

A futurist or futurologist is defined as a person whose speciality or interest lies in predicting the future and future trends, systematically exploring possibilities and predictions of the future. Detailing how such trends will emerge from present situations, futurists ignite fresh thinking and encourage thinking outside of traditional complexes.


Who Are The Top Futurism Speakers to Hire for 2024?

The Motivational Speakers Agency have worked with many of the World's leading futurists. Following official market research conducted with clients from over 227 futurism-themed events, we have compiled the top-ranked futurism speakers shaping the future. Take a look at their official rating below, vetted by happy clients!

Top Ranked Futurism Speakers Shaping the Future!

  1. Tracey Follows
  2. David Rowan
  3. Ben Hammersley
  4. Mike Walsh
  5. Nikolas Badminton
  6. William Higham
  7. Tony Fadell
  8. Dag Kittlaus
  9. Andrew Grill
  10. Werner Vogels
  11. Katie King
  12. K D Adamson
  13. Anne Lise Kjaer
  14. Hamish Macrae
  15. Jack Uldrich
  16. Aric Dromi
  17. Henrik von Scheel
  18. Calum Chace
  19. Daniel Burrus

Tracey Follows

Official Rating - 9.9/10

"A lot of people think a futurist is about predicting the future... increasingly the job is about preparation not just prediction..." - Tracey Follows, 2023

Tracey Follows is celebrated for her discerning insights into tomorrow's societal shifts. Acclaimed by Forbes among the world's leading female futurists, she brings a wealth of expertise as the Founder of Futuremade consultancy. Her strategic foresight is sought by industry giants from Google to Coca-Cola, excelling in illuminating complex future trends and steering audiences through technology's impact on identity and society. Her presence resonates at high-profile gatherings, from the UN HQ to Google forums, making her a visionary voice for businesses and governments alike, guiding them towards forward-thinking strategies and innovation.

David Rowan

Official Rating - 9.9/10

"Innovation is everywhere, you just have to look" - David Rowan, 2023

David Rowan offers a wealth of knowledge from his career as a technology journalist, author and investor. Evolving through a celebrated tenure as WIRED UK's Founding Editor-in-Chief, David's insightful coverage of tech giants has cemented his reputation as a visionary. His bestselling book 'Non-Bullshit Innovation: Radical Ideas from the World’s Smartest Minds' reflects his command over strategies for digital resilience. With over 600 keynote speeches, including engagements for Coca-Cola and TED, David's expertise is unparalleled. His bespoke, interactive presentations dissect the complexities of AI, quantum computing and the economic landscape, making him an indispensable guide through the ever-changing world of technology. With an indisputable authority on the future of technology, David Rowan is the quintessential futurism speaker for businesses seeking transformative insights.

Ben Hammersley

Official Rating - 9.8/10

“You can use talking about things in the future as a method of understanding things today, because very few of us live in the present, 100% in the modern world.” - Ben Hammersley, 2023

Ben Hammersley is a technological futurist, author, journalist and academic. He is the Innovator-in-Residence at the Centre for Creative and Social Technologies at Goldsmiths, University of London and Editor at large at Wired Magazine. He is the founder of Agathonic.AI Inc. and Principal of Hammersley Futures. He has a remarkable spark and energy when booked as a speaker having delivered to global organisations such as Pfizer, ICANN and PluralSight

Mike Walsh

Official Rating - 9.8/10

"If you no longer needed to work to live, what would you do for free?" - Mike Walsh, 2023

Mike Walsh is an esteemed futurism speaker, renowned for his role as CEO of Tomorrow, an innovation consultancy. With a background in commercial and media law, his expertise extends across disruptive innovation and digital transformation. His speeches, grounded in an anthropological approach, dissect the impact of emerging technologies and consumer behaviour shifts. As an award-winning author, his books like "Futuretainment" and "The Algorithmic Leader" have forecasted pivotal trends, earning international acclaim. Mike's podcast "Between Worlds" is a testament to his dedication, where he converses with global innovators, offering his audience actionable insights for the increasingly digital future.

Nikolas Badminton

Official Rating - 9.8/10

"Change is inevitable. You either change or change happens to you." - Nikolas Badminton, 2023

Nikolas Badminton shines as a pivotal futurism speaker, wielding his three-decade-spanning insights to illuminate the corporate and public sectors' paths forward. As Chief Futurist of, his foresight has guided entities like the United Nations and NASA. His corporate tenure, with roles from Lucent's Head of Strategy to Marketing Intelligence at Capgemini, underpins his profound understanding of transformative trends. Contributing to Forbes and lecturing at prestigious institutions, Nikolas is not just a voice but a vanguard in exploring exponential technologies and their societal impacts. His best-selling book solidifies his stature as a visionary, articulating the trajectories of industries from AI to agriculture and innovation to infrastructure. With accolades from advising celebrities on AI to global features in top media, Nikolas Badminton is a beacon for those navigating the future's vast potential.

William Higham

Official Rating - 9.7/10

“...the pandemic has really accelerated online behaviour, the number of people now who hardly ever used the internet in terms of commerce or chats so many more people have.” - William Higham, 2023

William Higham has built a name for himself as an expert on the future of consumer behaviour. He has delivered programmes for the likes of HSBC, BBC and The Financial Times. He began his career at Virgin and Universal working with the likes of the Rolling Stones. Today William is a highly respected speaker on the changing consumer landscape with his company Next Big Thing he helps companies ready themselves for emerging consumer trends.

Tony Fadell

Official Rating - 9.7/10

“ a product designer, it’s my job to see those everyday things, to feel them, to try to improve upon them.” Tony Fadell, 2023

Former NEST CEO and one of the fathers of the iPod, Tony Fadell lives on the cutting edge of technology. He is famously responsible for the design of the early generation iPods and spent several years at Apple designing and manufacturing products at one of the world's most iconic brands. He left Apple to found Nest Labs a company he eventually sold to Google for over £3 billion. Tony has clear passion for design and technology which shines through whenever he speaks

Dag Kittlaus

Official Rating - 9.6/10

“ do we take today’s basic technologies and transform them into a true paradigm shift? Well we have come up with a list.” Dag Kittlaus, 2023

Technologist Dag Kittlaus is the co-founder of Siri the voice-activated artificial intelligence assistant made famous by Apple’s iPhone. He has led an illustrious career as a tech executive, he was president of Samsung Mobile and was previously General Manager at Motorola. When booked as a speaker, Dag discusses artificial intelligence as well as his many inspirational personal stories. 

Andrew Grill

Official Rating - 9.5/10

“What I want to talk about today is …the fact that social media has actually been around for 2000 years.” Andrew Grill, 2023

Former IBM Global Managing Partner Andrew Grill is an industry stalwart. He has over 25 years of industry experience and has delivered at over 400 events including several TEDx talks. Andrew delivers thoroughly engaging talks when booked. He maintains an ear to the ground, keeping on top of emerging trends like the blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Werner Vogels

Official Rating - 9.5/10

“...we are very strong believers that the next generation of interfaces to our digital systems will be natural interfaces.” - Werner Vogels, 2023

Being Chief Technology Officer at one of the most innovative organisations in modern history, Werner Vogels is a titan in the technology industry. He has a long and successful career holding senior roles in technology companies. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from The Hague University of Applied Science. He is a prolific speaker, discussing emerging trends on topics such as user experience and sustainability.

Katie King

Official Rating - 9.4/10

“I am a case study for why you should do social media.” Katie King, 2023

Management consultant Katie King is a specialist in STEM fields, and the impact of technology on businesses. Katie’s reputation earned her a position in the UK Government’s All-Part Group Task Force for the Adoption of AI. She has also trained some of the best digital professionals in the country. Booked as a speaker, Katie is passionate about encouraging more women to join STEM fields from coding to entrepreneurship.

K D Adamson

Official Rating - 9.4/10

“...we think we’ve beaten nature into submission to such an extent that we can now predict what is going to happen next and nature is making the point that we do not control it." - K D Adamson, 2023

K D Adamson is a technology author with a remarkable perspective on the future. She believes the combination of several new burgeoning technologies will drastically change all our lives in years to come. She advises organisations in a range of industries on the effects these technologies will have on their businesses. Booked as a speaker she is highly engaging with a tremendous understanding of a wide range of topics. 

Anne Lise Kjaer

Official Rating - 9.3/10

“I wanted to find out why do we consume the way we do why do we have the lifestyle we do?” - Anne Lise Kjaer, 2023

Anne Lise Kjaer is a visionary futurist and consumer behaviour expert. She has delivered for over 100,000 people in her speaking career. She is an expert in the digitisation of health and the intersection between technology and finance. Such is her reputation, Anne Lise is highly sought after as a speaker, having delivered for the likes of KMPG, Accenture and the European Commission.

Hamish McRae

Official Rating - 9.3/10

“The last 10 years and the next 10 years, this 20 year period we will look back on as a great turning point in global economic history. It’s almost as important as the industrial evolution” - Hamish McRae, 2023

Associate Editor of the Independent NewsPaper, Hamish McRae has won the prestigious Journalist of the Year in 2006 in the Business and Finance category. He has also won the David Watt Prize for Outstanding Political Journalism. Hamish has fantastic breath of knowledge across economics and politics. He is a highly sought after dinner speaker with a keen understanding of emerging economic trends.

Jack Uldrich

Official Rating - 9.2/10

“...first you need to be aware of how fast the world is changing next we all need humility to the idea that the way we did our business yesterday might not be the way we do it in the future.” - Jack Uldrich, 2023

Jack Uldridge is a futurist speaker and best-selling author of the book Foresight 2020. His unique approach to forecasting has seen him called upon by organisations such as GE, FedEx and IBM. He delivers time and time again, remarkable presentations on the trends that will shape our worlds over the next decade. Jack has appeared on television channels such as CNBC and Discovery Channel, when booked as a speaker he is awe-inspiring, and effective in his delivery.

Aric Dromi

Official Rating - 9.2/10

"Technology is a wonderful thing. It's already altered our perception of reality and will; if leveraged correctly, disrupt our existence." - Aric Dromi, 2023

Aric Dromi is a futurist who not only predicts but sculpts tomorrow's narrative. As a radical thinker and a progressive philosopher, he steps beyond traditional confines, urging others towards uncharted territories of thought and innovation. His speeches aren't mere dialogues but adventures that provoke and challenge the linear paths of life and business. Aric, with his company Tempus Motu, collaborates with NGOs and governments, crafting strategies that resonate with the pulse of the future. He was Volvo's In-House Futurologist, a maestro of change, and a speaker whose every word weaves the very fabric of the coming era. His topics, ranging from awakening technologies to the cultures of innovation, are not just presentations but a call to arms for those ready to pioneer alongside him.

Henrik von Scheel

Official Rating - 9.1/10

"AI will change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity" - Henrik von Scheel, 2023

Henrik von Scheel is renowned as a pioneering figure in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, blending optimism and expertise to redefine business strategy and competitiveness. His work began in 2008, shaping Germany's digital agenda and contributing significantly to its GDP growth. As an advisor for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research Germany, he played a crucial role in coining the term "Fourth Industrial Revolution." A respected futurist and speaker, Henrik captivates audiences with insights into the future of business, society and technology. His tenure at the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business and his authorship of numerous books and papers further cement his status as an influential thinker. Henrik's speeches inspire innovation and a collective drive towards a brighter future.

Calum Chace

Official Rating - 9.1/10

"Will we even know when the first AGI is created? The first machine to become conscious may quickly achieve a reasonably clear understanding of its situation" - Calum Chace, 2023

Calum Chace is a renowned best-selling author and speaker, acclaimed for his expertise in artificial intelligence (AI). A graduate of Oxford, Calum began his career at BBC World Service before excelling in corporate roles at BP, leading to a Master’s Degree and consulting for entrepreneurial businesses. A 360Thinkers-lauded thought leader, he co-founded the Economic Singularity Foundation, addressing technological unemployment. His books, like ‘Surviving AI’ and ‘Pandora’s Brain,’ delve into AI’s societal impacts and speculative futures. As a global keynote speaker, Calum has enlightened audiences in over 18 countries, offering deep insights into technology's trajectory and making him an asset to future-focused events.

Daniel Burrus

Official Rating - 9/10

"When planning for the future, remember that the present is obsolete" - Daniel Burrus, 2023

Daniel Burrus is a pioneering futurism speaker, renowned for his ability to forecast transformative business trends and strategies. As the CEO of Burrus Research and a New York Times Bestselling Author, he has profoundly impacted Fortune 500 companies, guiding them to leverage technological potential. Daniel is celebrated for his Hard Trend Methodology, a low-risk strategy focused on predicting future trends. His diverse professional journey includes founding companies across various sectors, such as Visionary Apps LLC, underscoring his multifaceted expertise. Daniel's significant contributions to futurism are recognised through his induction into the Speaker Hall of Fame and his status as a Certified Speaking Professional. His books, including "The Anticipatory Organisation" and "Flash Foresight," along with articles for prestigious publications like The Huffington Post and Harvard Business Review, showcase his thought leadership.

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