Why Should I Use A Speakers Bureau To Book A Speaker? 5 Key Benefits

Chris Sutton
Digital Copywriter

A speakers agency presents a number of key benefits to you in your search for the perfect speaker. We have whittled it down to five. Whether you want a top-class speaker for your corporate, educational, charity or sporting event, with a speakers agency you can feel in complete control.

Use Their Time Not Yours

Time = money is one of the most universal adages in the book. And you may think, how hard can it be? How long can it really take? But when working with a speakers agency you are paying for their expertise and experience in handling speakers day in day out.

For starters, an event planner may not know who they want to speak at their event. Instead of spending your precious time searching speaker after speaker - a leading agency can quickly give you a short list of exciting options in fitting with the focus and themes of your event.

They are able to tailor the talent to your event and have likely seen, heard and experienced many of these speaker's speeches live, so their recommendations can prove like gold-dust.

An event organiser won't necessarily know how much they should cost and if they're actually any good at the whole speaking thing. With a speakers agency, you don't have to worry.

You Won't Pay More

A speakers agency usually charges a commission to the speaker and not the business or organisation they are speaking for, meaning what you pay should be no more than if you were to go direct. So in addition to cutting out the faff, you are getting a professional service, essentially free of charge or for a minimal fee.

Another advantage is that they have significant experience dealing with these speakers, meaning they should have an after dinner speakers price list to suit budgets.

Gain Access to the Best in the Business

A good speaking agency presents a wide array of options in a number of different fields. With keynote speakers available all over the world and able to speak on a multitude of topics from peak performance to business management; politics to sustainability; technology to sports; motivation to innovation - you will likely find a speaker that suits your event to a tee.

And a top speaker agency is not just a conference speakers agency offering the world's leading authorities on sought-after topics, but is also able to provide after dinner speakers, awards hosts and entertainers for the more light-hearted or celebratory occasions. Agencies also are aware of trends in the business, who is hot, who's not and who fits the aims of your occasion.

A range of talent is usually available to browse on their website, so you can read about your prospective speakers, see the topics they discuss and often view a video of them speaking. With thousands to choose from it can feel like a tall order though, so the best way to work it is by talking through your requirements and asking your chosen agency to recommend any number of speakers that you can then view in as much detail as you wish.

A Speakers Bureau Handles the Complexities

As well as knowing the qualities and benefits of the speakers they sell, a speakers bureau handles all the nitty-gritty. This means you don't stand to risk anything at your event. They will handle the regulations, the contracts, the full booking process as well as scheduling communication between the two parties.

No Drama

If you go directly to a speaker and they drop out at any point, right up until the last minute (a rarity) a decent speakers bureau are able to come up with an alternative speaker at the drop of a hat, saving you from any last minute drama.

They will also take care of the travel and accommodation for the speaker and ensure they arrive at your event in plenty of time and that your schedule runs entirely to plan. They will support you through the full process from start to finish including a courtesy call to know your thoughts at the end.

Work With A Top Speaker Agency

As one of the leading UK speaker agencies, The Motivational Speakers Agency provide a professional service with family values. 20 years' experience providing speakers to events in 43 countries and for 1000s of events every year has taught us what works best for our clients.

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