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A keynote speaker can make or break an event, but what exactly are they? A keynote speaker is an individual that delivers a speech centring around the theme of a conference, someone who can structure an event with their personal industry knowledge. As they are so important to the outcome of your occasion, it is equally as important to pick the right person.


Browse our posts and discover what actually makes a good keynote speaker, how to integrate one into your event and the talented, engaging speakers we have to offer. Keynote speakers can bring a balance of engaging entertainment and specific industry knowledge, resulting in a conference or seminar that your guests will never forget. With the ability to motivate whoever witnesses their story, keynote speakers aren’t just experts but valuable, talented public speakers.


What is A Keynote Speaker & Why Should I Book One?


Keynote speaking defines more than what is included in a speech, instead, it refers to the intention of the speaker and the role that they have on the night. 


Keynote speakers will capture and reflect the theme of an event, making it clear to the audience exactly what they should take away from the conference, convention or function. They will research the industry, the event itself and what the audience will want to see, rather than featuring due to an inspiring personal story. Keynote speakers shape their speech to the evening, rather than defining the evening with their speech. 


If you have an event that is lacking in structure, a backbone even, then a keynote speaker is the perfect choice for you. With the use of humour, audience participation and visual stimulus, keynote speakers can ground the intention of your event into a concise speech.

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