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Jack Hayes |
Geopolitics is a framework that we can use to understand the complex world around us. Hiring a keynote speaker on the subject will increase awareness on world affairs. 
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Mark Matthews |
FinTech has been disrupting the financial services industry for just over a decade, and now what may once have been discarded as a 'fad' or an 'impossibility' is tightening its grip on the ever-changing financial services industry.
Cyber Security
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Mark Matthews |
National Cyber Security Awareness Month takes place annually, and is a time for individuals and businesses alike to take action to prevent cyber-crime and become more aware of what can be done to improve cyber security.
Top Trending EdTech Speakers to Hire in 2024
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Roxy Hayes |
Understanding EdTech is crucial as it equips educators with tools to alleviate administrative burdens, thereby enriching the educator-student relationship. As such, investing time and resources into comprehending and implementing EdTech strategies…