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As experts in all things Speaker related, we are eager to share our knowledge with you. From the characteristics of a great public speaker to hiring the perfect individual for your event, here you will find helpful advice to shine some light on the speaking industry.


Furthermore, we are passionate about advising the business owners and innovators of tomorrow, by taking inspiration from our knowledgeable speakers. We have shared our easily accessible tips and tricks to help you become the best thought-leader possible, like how to organise a corporate seminar and the importance of personal drive. Whether you need to improve your productivity or fill the audience at your conference, we can offer our industry knowledge to guarantee you the best event possible.

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Jack Hayes |
As a speakers bureau, we have decades of experience with events, conferences and seminars, both virtual and traditional. As such, we have collated our knowledge to produce this handy guide, full of tips and tricks to organising your function. Check…
Conference Audiecne
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Jack Hayes |
Without an experienced, engaging speaker, most conferences will fall short of their goal to leave a resounding impact on audiences. A conference speaker will connect with all those in attendance, and leave them empowered by the latest industry…
motivational speaking
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Sophia Hayes |
On paper, motivational speaking seems like a fairly easy and straightforward job. In theory, all you need is yourself, smart attire, a voice, and an audience. You step up on stage, you deliver your speech, you get applauded and, at the end of it all…
Public Speaking
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Jack Hayes |
From chairing an important business meeting to giving your debut public speaking presentation, the ability to talk confidently, eloquently and clearly is invaluable. But for people with Glassophobia, even the simplest of tasks can feel like they are…