15 Employee Motivation Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

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We all know that motivation is key in the workplace, but do you know the impact it has on productivity, teamwork and absenteeism? In 2024, put these powerful statistics into practice and reap the many benefits of engaged and committed employees.  

Editor’s Favourite Statistics: 

  • 71% of executives believe that employee engagement is essential for success 
  • 65% of employees want more communication with their managers 
  • Companies that highly value employees increase revenue by 682% 
  • 92% of employees quote trust in leadership as important for motivation 
  • Teams that are highly engaged increase productivity by 21% 

Let’s discover more vital statistics for businesses in 2024. The research below explores the many benefits of employee motivation and engagement and how a lack thereof can affect productivity.  

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1. Around the world, only 15% of employees report feeling motivated 

It’s a global issue: employees do not feel motivated. This can lead to decreased productivity, teamwork and, ultimately, revenue for your company. Motivational speakers are often hired to tackle this issue and reignite corporate teams.  

2. When employees feel motivated, they work 20% better 

When employees feel motivated, their workplace performance improves by 20%, suggesting a strong correlation between motivation and enhanced productivity. Encouraging and maintaining high levels of motivation among employees can be essential for achieving better results in the workplace. 

3. Teams that are highly engaged increase productivity by 21% 

Teams that consistently feel engaged demonstrate a remarkable 21% increase in their overall productivity. This suggests that employees who are actively engaged in their work tend to be more focused, motivated, and efficient. 

4. Organisations with engaged employees are 43% more productive 

Organisations that nurture engaged employees enjoy a 43% boost in productivity, highlighting the tangible benefits of employee engagement. Motivated employees lead to more efficient and effective workforces, contributing to overall improved performance. 

5. 92% of employees quote trust in leadership as important for motivation 

A significant 92% of employees consider trust essential for their work motivation. This statistic highlights the pivotal role of trust in leadership, particularly in fostering a motivated and engaged workforce. Teambuilding speakers are experts at building trust, leaving audiences more united towards a common goal: workplace success.  

6. 65% of employees want more communication with their managers 

Over half of employees said they needed more communication with their managers. Effective and open communication is vital in the workplace, as it can help address employee concerns, improve engagement and foster a more collaborative work environment. 

7. 40% of employees report feeling underappreciated 

Nearly half of employees express a sense of being undervalued in their workplace. This often leads to employee dissatisfaction, which can potentially impact morale and productivity. To tackle this, corporate culture speakers focus back to peoples’ wins instead of their losses.

8. 21% of employees report fewer sick days when they feel appreciated 

Similar to our previous statistic, 21% of employees report taking fewer sick days when they feel appreciated in their workplace. Employee appreciation directly links to improved attendance - when employees feel valued and recognised, they are more likely to prioritize their job commitments.  

9. Higher employee motivation leads to a 41% decrease in absenteeism 

Higher levels of employee motivation are associated with a substantial 41% reduction in absenteeism rates. Motivation leads to better attendance and suggests that engaged employees are more likely to be present and committed to their work responsibilities.  

10. Unmotivated employees result in over $450 billion in losses  

$450 billion in losses is not a number to take lightly. Unmotivated employees contribute to staggering losses worldwide, as absenteeism and a lack of productivity cost companies big. Addressing and improving employee motivation can be a crucial strategy for mitigating these significant economic losses.   

11. 69% of employees who feel recognised work harder 

An impressive 69% of employees who receive recognition for their efforts work harder and are more productive. Employee engagement and dedication are essential for creating a united workforce that motivates each other to be the best versions of themselves.  

12. When recognised by management, 78% of employees are more motivated 

When employees regularly receive recognition from their managers, an impressive 78% of them experience increased motivation. Managers significantly boost employee morale and drive, leading to a more motivated and productive workplace. 

13. Companies that highly value employees increase revenue by 682% 

What could your company do with a 682% increase in revenue? This statistic highlights the powerful correlation between employee-centric cultures and business success. It suggests that investing in employees and their development can lead to substantial financial growth for organisations.

14. Job clarity leads to a 55% increase in motivation and engagement 

Providing employees with clear job expectations results in a significant 55% increase in their motivation and engagement levels. This is due to the feelings of commitment employees experience when they have well-defined job roles and responsibilities, which lead to improved motivation and engagement within an organisation. 

15. 71% of executives believe that employee engagement is essential for success 

Listen to the leaders! Over 71% of executives believe that for a business to be successful, employees must feel engaged and motivated. Your senior leadership team likely feels the same way but may not know how to motivate their employees. That is where leadership speakers come in; they teach leaders how to get the most out of their teams.  

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