Exclusive Q&A: Pen Hadow - Polar Explorer
Jack Hayes
Jack Hayes | 18th March 2016
One of the foremost explorers and guides in the world, Champions Speakers client Pen Hadow rose to fame in 2003 by becoming the first person to trek solo, without resupply by third parties, from Canada to the North Geographic…
How Will a Motivational Speaker Benefit My Business?
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 20th February 2016
People are the lifeblood of every business in the world – from the founder who comes up with the initial idea to the support staff who do the groundwork, a business simply cannot operate without its employees. As a result, a business needs to take…
Jo Fairley
champions | 11th August 2015
Sales and marketing is a tough nut to crack, and can often bring with it many life hurdles. Picking yourself up, getting back on your feet and starting again can seem a daunting feat, especially after a big knock, but that is what our experienced…