Bonita Norris
champions | 15th July 2016
In the world of business, we always strive to increase profit and gain more capital with each passing year; but take a second to think about how you can achieve more without a significant investment. We'll let you in on a little secret, the way a…
School Speakers
Scott Skerritt
Scott Skerritt | 09th July 2016
Whilst motivational speakers are most commonly associated with the business world and getting the most out of employees, an increasing number of schools are taking up the opportunity to book a speaker to motivate and inspire their students.
Michael Portillo
Luke Vials
Luke Vials | 07th July 2016
Many people remember the ‘Michael Portillo moment’, which was when the former Conservative politician lost his seat (he was MP for Kensington and Chelsea) in a ‘night of the long knives’ during the 1997 General Election. The shock factor was due to…
Speaker's Conference Audience
Luke Vials
Luke Vials | 16th May 2016
If you have been set the task of planning a conference, you’ll undoubtedly be all too aware of the amount of work that is required and the many different elements that need to come together to result in the event that you hope for.