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Organisational behaviour is an essential part of a business. It focuses on productivity and finding ways to optimise the performance, cohesion and innovation within a team. Our roster of conference speakers at the Motivational Speakers Agency includes leading organisational behaviour experts, like the speakers featured in this post. 

What is Organisational Behaviour?

The study of organisational behaviour is centred on how individuals within a group interact with each other, with findings used to maximise business productivity. 

Why is Organisational Psychology Important to Businesses?

It is widely accepted that the most important assets to any business are the people, yet up to 70% of people do not feel that they can be their best selves at work and are often disengaged.

Organisational psychology experts combine learnings from sociology, psychology, economics and medicine to develop theories and practices for managing the people within organisations. Booking the right organisational behaviour speaker can help solve this.

Who are the leading Organisational Behaviour Speakers?

When booked to speak, these findings enable them to define and structure optimal organisational behaviour strategies to avoid negative corporate cultures and maximise happiness, collaboration and productivity. This official list compiled from feedback received from over 20,000 talks delivered is as follows

Damian Hughes - 9.9/10

"I would recommend that you adopt Damian Hughes's lessons and go ahead, take the plunge and become a fellow Liquid Thinker" - Sir Richard Branson

Damian Hughes is most famous for his international bestseller Liquid Thinker. The Former Unilever HR Director has won plaudits from the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Richard Branson for his work in creating high-performance teams. When booked as a speaker for organisational behaviour, Damian is a fantastic orator with decades of experience and research to support teams.

Dr Julia Shaw - 9.9/10

“Shaw deserves a big compliment. She has comprehensively portrayed a wide field, and in an exciting, comprehensible way, despite some of the issues being very complicated... Julia Shaw shows highly understandably why memory can trick us” –  Philosophy Magazine

Dr Julia Shaw is best known for her world-famous Ted Talks and Canadian National Best Seller “Memory Illusion”. She completed her PhD at the University of British Columbia in 2013 and is now a Psychological Scientist at University College London.

She is the co-founder of Spot a digital misconduct reporting tool set up to help organisations tackle inappropriate workplace behaviour. Dr Shaw is also a huge diversity and inclusion advocate - she is part of the Queer Politics at Princeton University. When it comes to managing organisational behaviour Dr Shaw has a remarkable amount of expertise to share.

Ian robertson - 9.8/10

“A revelatory and practical new exploration of the science of confidence, which is important for everyone but crucial for women”' – Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland

Ian Robertson is a clinical psychologist and co-director of the Global Brain Health Institute of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin. He is an expert at dealing with anger, boosting confidence and positively utilising stress. Famously, he is the first psychologist to become a member of the Royal Irish Academy.

His writing on stress and confidence has earned him a great reputation and he is well known as a speaker on such topics. Booked as a speaker, Ian Robertson brings decades of clinical expertise and research to his audiences.

Paul Victor - 9.7/10

Dr Paul Victor
“Dr Paul was the guest speaker at the CEPN Business Forum's meeting on a couple of occasions. He is a total professional and I would definately recommend him if you are looking for results. He inspires people to be the best they can be.” -  Sendoutcards

Dr Paul Victor is a leading organisational change expert. He is also an expert on peak performance psychology with an academic background he holds a PhD in Integrative Organisational Change and a Masters Deg in Organisational Behaviour.

He is currently the CEO of Vmax Consultancy a change management organisation with clients such as Hotpoint, Inter Hannover, Air France KLM and The Co-Operative Bank.

Jamil Qureshi - 9.7/10

“Genuinely funny. provocative and engaging! It is not often, you see someone you immediately want to re-book for next year!" - Unilever

Jamil Qureshi is one of the most popular performance coaches and psychologist speakers in the world. He is the co-founder of We Do Things Differently and The Growing Coaches – consultancy and coaching organisations driving meaningful change in businesses and high-performing executives.

When books as a speaker to inspire organisational behaviour change, Jamil has years of experience to draw upon to support companies of all sizes and encourage the right behaviour to maximise performance and motivation for their teams.

Jez Rose - 9.6/10

“The feedback here has been quite amazing, from “where on earth did you find a guy like that” (in the best possible sense) to “this was one of our best quarterly meetings ever”. – Kraft Foods.

Jez Rose is a behavioural expert who has appeared on CNN, BBC and The Daily Telegraph. His approach to organisational behaviour is a holistic one; focusing on the impact of work on individuals.

He has appeared on James Martin’s Saturday Morning and written for the likes of The Daily Telegraph and CNN. Jez has spoken at dozens of panels, leaving audiences genuinely amazed and impressed.

Alain Goudsmet - 9.6/10

“he was just amazing: quickly capturing the team dynamics, with a rich toolbox, he spontaneously finds the right way to guide the team and to challenge each individual, making it a great valuable team and individual exercise.” – Anne Cambier

Alain Goudsmet is the Director of the Mentally Fit Institute and has 20 years of experience in guiding top athletes and professionals as a mentality coach. He is famed for his work as a leadership consultant having worked with leading organisations such as Shell, IBM, Ernst & Young, Unilever and the Belgian Tennis Federation. Alain is an expert team coach and speaker, when booked he offers a deep and practical insight into a team culture that encourages success.

Dr Lynda Gratton - 9.6/10

“One of Britain’s leading lights in human resource strategy.” - Financial Times

Dr Lynda Gratton is a hugely famous management professional. She is the Professor of Management Practice at London Business School where she directs “the world’s leading programme on human resources”.

She is a Fellow of the World Economic Forum and her book Shift was voted the Best Business Book of the Year in 2012. When booked as a speaker Dr Lynda draws upon her years of academic research to support her evidence-based approach to organisational behaviour.

Herminia Ibarra - 9.5/10

“In times of rapid change, her profound research and hands-on approach of ‘transforming by doing’ is broadening horizons.” - Siemens AG

Herminia Ibarra is the Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School, she is a widely respected leadership expert who has previously spoken at the HR Congress TEDX and WIRED.

She evidence-based tools from her research to audiences in the HR space. She is the author of the widely acclaimed “Act Like a Leader Think Like a Leader”. Herminia is sought after for her tremendous academic experience which can be applied to professional practice.

Beth Davies - 9.5/10

“Beth has an amazing ability to see the larger picture when solving for complex problems which is reflected in how she designs and delivers trainings.” – Clif bar & Company.

Senior technology leader Beth Davies is a veteran of Silicon Valley giants Apple, Microsoft and Tesla with over 25 years of experience in senior roles within HR, talent development and training. Beth has a fantastic reputation in the industry - she has developed remarkably successful programmes for employee development and is immensely sought after on the speaking circuit.

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Louisa Hayes Official Author Picture
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

Louisa Hayes is the Project Manager and Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Champions. Since 2010, she has been an integral part of developing the brand, credited for her close role in supporting John Hayes, her Father and Champions' CEO. In her role as CSR Director, Louisa is passionate about human resources, as well as the future of work and futurism

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