Smart Cities & Big Data
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 12th August 2020
To benefit the productivity and safety of urban locations, Smart Cities use sensors and cameras, otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT), to monitor a city. Including data sourced from the citizens to water supply sensors, councils are able…
How COVID-19 Has Shaped The Way Speakers Use Technology
Taylorr Payne
Taylorr Payne | 05th August 2020
In recent months, professional speakers have seen an unprecedented upheaval of the speaking industry as a whole. Starting in winter 2020, events were canceled, contracts were put on pause, and many speakers were suddenly looking at empty calendars.…
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 22nd July 2020
From famous LGBT speakers to pioneering advocates, the array of influential figures available to book means that there is someone for every event. These speakers are committed to improving the wellbeing of LGBT+ employees, by educating businesses on…
Dame Inga Beale
Jack Hayes
Jack Hayes | 02nd July 2020
Read our interview with the first female CEO of Lloyd's of London, Dame Inga Beale on all things work-life balance, training and productivity.