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Jack Hayes |
Is your sales team ready for the new challenges and expectations of future customers? The best way to prepare your business is with a sales kick-off event. Such conferences and events feature sales speakers from around the world, who are equipped…
Digital Disruption
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Mark Matthews |
Defined as the effect that changes in digital capabilities have on fundamental behaviours in cultures and markets, digital disruption will undoubtedly shape the future. With 70% of companies already having a digital transformation strategy in place…
Top 50 Global Thought Leaders
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Across the globe, there are countless individuals who have made significant achievements and contributions to society – that have proved them to be global thought leaders. Here at The Motivational Speakers Agency, we are fortunate to work with many…
Marginal Gain
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The marginal gains technique is a systematic method that enables individuals to improve because of the cumulative effect of small changes, leading to major outcomes. Many people will typically set significant goals; however, they may fail to achieve…