2020 Resolutions Goals
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 15th January 2020
A new year, a new decade and millions of New Year's resolutions. Every year, countless people pledge to improve themselves from the 1st of January, but it isn't easy to adopt an entirely new habit. Personal development is a common topic amongst…
Fintech Speakers
Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton | 09th December 2019
Global financing in Fintech reached a record high in 2018 - topping out at $39 billion, doubling the investment seen in 2017; as it continues changing the face of finance as we know it. Digital disruptors have upset the status quo of the traditional…
How To Motivate Your Employees (Backed by Science)
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 29th November 2019
A disheartening sight for managers and business owners is an office of demotivated, uninterested employees. Motivating staff members is an art form - challenging, but ultimately rewarding. For a lot of employees, not even a large paycheck can make…
motivational speaker
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 08th November 2019
Motivational speakers are renowned for their passion and dedication to their craft. As they have grown in popularity, with more businesses than ever reaching out to motivational speakers, their ability to inspire audiences is incomparable. But, what…