Sales Conference
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Luke Vials | 22nd September 2018
If you are hosting a sales conference then it is important everything, right down to the finest detail, is perfect. You will want to make a good impression to your audience as you will be hoping to sell them a product or service…
What Can Conference Speakers Do For Your Event?
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Luke Vials | 20th September 2018
When it comes to putting on an event of any kind, it is important that you get the conference speaker absolutely right. Someone who is able to captivate an audience with their fascinating talks, a good conference speaker can elevate an…
Holly Tucker
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Luke Vials | 09th August 2018
The UK is home to some of the world’s greatest female entrepreneurs, many of whom also make for fantastic after dinner speakers. In what is traditionally a male dominated industry, many of these entrepreneurs have had to fight to make it and…
Event Venue
champions | 15th June 2018
Motivational speakers are a great choice when it comes to booking a speaker for your event. Able to inspire audiences to achieve success in all walks of life, they make an impact at every occasion they attend.