Top Trending EdTech Speakers to Hire in 2024
Roxanna Hayes Official Author Picture
Roxy Hayes |
Understanding EdTech is crucial as it equips educators with tools to alleviate administrative burdens, thereby enriching the educator-student relationship. As such, investing time and resources into comprehending and implementing EdTech strategies…
Mental Resilience
Sophia Hayes Official Author Picture
Sophia Hayes |
Mental health, resilience and emotional wellbeing advocates are some of the most popular speakers for the upcoming year, thanks to their professional insight and empowering message. The global and economic tensions have left millions of employees…
Artificial Intelligence
Mark Matthews - Headshot
Mark Matthews |
With the incredible pace of innovation in the technology sector, each and every day advancements are made and we are introduced to new forms of tech. One of the many incredible innovations of modern day is artificial intelligence, and more recently…
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Jack Hayes |
As a speakers bureau, we have decades of experience with events, conferences and seminars, both virtual and traditional. As such, we have collated our knowledge to produce this handy guide, full of tips and tricks to organising your function. Check…