The World's Top 12 Cyber Security Speakers to Hire in 2024

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Cyber Security

Being cyber secure is a crucial part of not only business, but life as a whole. In a world where we share and store so much sensitive information online, cybercrime is only becoming more prevalent. In order to keep such sensitive information safe, here lies the crucial role of a cyber security expert – who details the best practices in keeping online information safe from the prying eyes and dangerous hands of cybercriminals.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a crucial factor in staying safe online, and is defined as the way in which individuals and organisations reduce the risk of cyber attacks. The core function of cyber security is to protect online services and devices from theft or damage by cybercriminals. It is highly important to adopt cyber security, fundamental in stopping cyber criminals from stealing sensitive information.

Source: National Cyber Security Centre

How Can I Find Out More About Cyber Security?

Cyber security can be a complex field to navigate, and a fantastic way to improve understanding of this broad and important subject is by hiring an expert cyber security speaker! Here at The Motivational Speakers Agency, we are fortunate to work with the most prominent experts on cyber security – who expertly detail the latest and best practices in cyber security.

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Who are the World’s Best Cyber Security Speakers to Hire?

See below our selection of the World’s best cyber security speakers to hire in 2024, and hire a speaker today!

Brian Wagner

Brian Wagner has enjoyed a distinguished career working as a technology and security professional, widely known for his former role as the Head of Compliance EMEA of Amazon Web Services. Building detailed knowledge on cloud computing, cyber risk assessment, cyber risk management, disaster recovery and information security, Brian developed a reputation as an expert on cyber security – having worked as the Chief Technology Officer at and Bulletproof since leaving AWS, two leading security companies dedicated to cyber security.

With a detailed history across the technology industry, having formerly been an Application Developer for the Ford Motor Company and a Lead Software Developer for Jade Biomed, Brian has unique expertise in the way in which cybercriminals can exploit the security of a device. Having also worked as a Software Engineer for Cisco Systems and the CEO of Revenir, don’t miss your opportunity to learn more about the crucial importance of cyber security with Brian Wagner today!

When hired as an official cyber security speaker, Brian Wagner received the following feedback:

"I engaged Brian as a public speaker across three continents and five countries. He’s an adaptable, engaging and compelling speaker who always challenges the audience to really follow up on the content afterwards – with tangible takeaways. I would consider Brian one of the best speakers and content creators for cyber security, as he captures content from emerging to expert." - Alex, Customer Success Lead, Microsoft Azure Asia Pacific

Charlie McMurdie

Charlie McMurdie is a decorated cyber security professional, who forged her success as the Head of Law Enforcement National Cyber Capability and the Police National Cyber Crime Unit for the Metropolitan Police. Having served as a member of the Metropolitan Police since 1981, Charlie retired from the force in 2013, having reached the rank of Detective Superintendent. During her decorated service, Charlie was commended for securing £32 million to build the Police Central e-Crime Unit, investigating cybercrime that has a national impact and endangers the general public of the UK.

In addition to her distinguished service for the Metropolitan Police, Charlie has also worked in partnership with the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation and The International Criminal Police Organization as the UK Lead on Cybercrime. Upon her retirement from the forces, Charlie was appointed as a Senior Cyber Crime Advisor for PwC UK and worked on a critical incident multidiscipline response team, Breach Aid. Having also conducted covert operations as a Detective of the National Crime Squad, Charlie was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Cyber Security Centre at Warwick University and was inducted into the InfoSec Hall of Fame in reward of her decorated career. Having protected the UK from countless cyberattacks and sinister cybercriminals, don’t miss your opportunity to become an expert on cyber security with national cyber security expert Charlie McMurdie.

When hired as an official cyber security speaker, Charlie McMurdie received the following feedback:

"Charlie is a well-respected leader in the cyber security community not least for the significant contribution she has made over the past 31 years of service to law enforcement and in helping secure our national and international critical infrastructure." - Mike, Executive Director, Global Security Solutions

Keren Elazari

Keren Elazari, an acclaimed cyber security expert and influential keynote speaker, has significantly contributed to the discourse on cyber security and hacker culture. With a rich background that includes founding Leading Cyber Ladies and extensive writing on emerging cyber threats, Keren's insights have shaped global conversations. Her experience as a Senior Researcher at Tel Aviv University and her impactful talks at TED events underscore her expertise in addressing the evolving role of hackers in society.

Keren's journey in cyber security began with degrees in History, Philosophy of Science, Computer Science, and Security Studies, followed by roles at AT&T and PwC. Her passion for the field was further ignited during her tenure as an Information Security Architect at iTcon. This led to prominent positions such as Operational Security Expert at Matrix and Cyber Security Product Manager at Verint. A respected Teaching Fellow at Singularity University and a prolific writer for the Financial Times and WIRED, Keren's diverse experience makes her a sought-after speaker, adept at engaging audiences on topics like cyber security strategy, innovation, and the intricate world of hacker culture.

When hired as an official cyber security speaker, Keren Elazari received the following feedback:

"Keren is a very knowledgeable and target driven professional. She knows the IT Security market, and understands exactly how to apply this knowledge to the benefit of the organization. Keren has excellent interpersonal skills. it is always nice to have a conversation with such a pleasant and knowledgeable person." - Yoni, Enterprise Security Architect

Lisa Forte

An expert trainer on cyber crisis and social engineering, Lisa Forte is famed as the Co-Founder of Red Goat Cyber Security. An avid supporter of ‘tech for good’ initiatives, Lisa works tirelessly to ensure that small businesses and charities are able to protect themselves from the threat of cyber attacks. An example of this is evident in her work as the Co-Founder of Respect in Security and Cyber Volunteers 19, which helped hospitals during the hardship of the Covid-19 pandemic. Sitting at the helm of Red Goat Cyber Security, Lisa is an expert in conducting cyber crisis simulations – helping clients to prepare for the eventuality of a cyber attack.

Named as No.1 of the Top 100 Women in Tech, Lisa also has former experience as a member of the Cyber Team of the Southwest Regional Cyber Crime Police Unit – having dealt with serious cybercrime in both the UK and internationally. Breaking glass ceilings as an inspirational woman in tech, Lisa is now highly sought after as a cyber security speaker, commended for her passion in protecting the smallest of businesses from the harsh reality of cybercrime. Delivering expert speeches on cyber awareness and cyber security, don’t miss the opportunity to arm your business against cybercrime with cyber security expert Lisa Forte today.

When hired as an official cyber security speaker, Lisa Forte received the following feedback:

"I had the pleasure of working with Lisa when delivering cyber awareness training to a group of school parents. Lisa was professional, knowledgeable and exceptionally engaging. Her presentation was expertly pitched, as were her answers to the numerous questions. Thank you for all your support and advice, Lisa!" - Arman, Detective Chief Superintendent

Jamie Woodruff

Widely regarded as Europe’s No.1 ethical hacker, Jamie Woodruff is a mastermind in exploiting the weaknesses of the world’s largest online databases. With extensive experience in technology and computing, there are few companies that Jamie cannot exploit – having formerly hacked into Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Kim Kardashian's website. A fully qualified Penetration Testing Engineer for Metrix Cloud Ltd, Jamie expertly identifies risks to user data and determines the integrity of the online services and devices we use daily. Having started hacking into computers at just 9 years old, Jamie’s passion for cyber security and awareness has been a long-standing passion.

Providing his expert advice to blue-chip companies, Jamie is now hired for a variety of live Q&As, visual presentations and corporate discussions. Discussing how he exploits the weakness of online services, Jamie can shed light on the complexities of social engineering, cyber attacks and keeping online sensitive information secure. Described as a “poacher turned gamekeeper”, don’t miss your opportunity to learn how to best practice cyber security from an expert ethical hacker – hire Jamie Woodruff today.

When hired as an official cyber security speaker, Jamie Woodruff received the following feedback:

"Jamie was AMAZING! Everyone loved his talk and we had such great feedback from our guests with everyone enjoying the way he performed live demos and the passion he has for security and social engineering was truly apparent in his presentation style. I could have listened to him for a lot longer and wouldn’t hesitate to book Jamie again." - Nicki, Director of International Marketing, Absolute

Dr Victoria Baines

The IT Livery Company Professor of IT at Gresham College and Visiting Fellow of Bournemouth University, Dr Victoria Baines is a distinguished cyber security professional who has dedicated her career to navigating global cyber diplomacy. A revered expert on the future of technology, Victoria has a decorated history working in safety and security, having formerly been a Principal Analyst for SOCA and the Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre. Also formerly the Team Lead of Strategy & Prevention at the European Cybercrime Centre for Europol and the Trust & Safety Manager EMEA for Facebook, Victoria is renowned for being a pivotal figure in the creation of the EU assessment for cybercrime, iOCTA.

A revered expert in the academic sector, Victoria has also worked as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Department of International Development and as a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. Having worked tirelessly to generate stakeholder engagement in creating a safer internet, Victoria is now a highly popular choice as a cyber security keynote speaker for corporate and educational events. With additional experience as the Higher Intelligence Analyst for Surrey Police and the author of Rhetoric of InSecurity, Victoria is widely regarded as an authority on how to recover from cybercrime and how to best prepare for cyberattacks. A skilled expert in crisis management, intelligence analysis and cyber security, hire Dr Victoria Baines as an authoritative cyber security speaker today.

When hired as an official cyber security speaker, Victoria Baines received the following feedback:

"Amazing – the perfect speaker for our event." - Google

Ralph Echemendia

Otherwise known by his alter ego of “The Ethical Hacker”, Ralph Echemendia is world-renowned for his expertise in ethical hacking. For the past two decades, Ralph has committed his interests and profession to ethically exploiting the weaknesses of the online services and devices we use daily. Delivering cyber security training for companies such as AMEX, the US Marine Corps, Google, Oracle, Boeing and NASA, Ralph has formerly worked as the Director of Security Training Services for Intense School, the Director of Information Security Training for Vigilar Inc and the Founder and President of RED-E Digital. In addition to these roles, Ralph has also worked as the CEO of Seguru – a platform that helps mobile users detect and protect themselves from security breaches.

In addition to his corporate cyber security experience, Ralph has also worked as a Technical Advisor to Hollywood Director Oliver Stone, advising him during the production of the films Savages and Snowden. Highly acclaimed for his expertise in social engineering, ethical hacking and cyber security, Ralph has been featured on USA Today, Fox News, CNN and Forbes. As a seasoned cyber security speaker, Ralph has previously been invited to speak at the Entertainment World Expo, the Content Protection & Piracy Summit, The Customer Contact Expo in London, the LA Film Festival and DigitalK in Bulgaria. An internationally renowned speaker, don’t miss the opportunity to arm your business against cybercrime with the expertise of ethical hacker, Ralph Echemendia.

Dan Lohrmann

The Field Chief Information Security Officer of Presidio, Dan Lohrmann is a passionate cyber security professional driven to ensure the safety and security of sensitive online data. Having worked a distinguished career, Dan has former experience working for the National Security Agency, as the Chief Security Officer and Chief Strategist for Security Mentor Inc, the Senior Network Engineer for Lockheed Martin and the Technical Director for ManTech International. In addition to these roles, Dan Lohrmann spearheaded a cybersecurity infrastructure team within the Michigan Government, having worked as the Chief Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer for the Michigan Government.

Having advised dignitaries of federal, state and local government, Dan also has experience working at the White House and the US Department of Homeland Security. In recognition of his valuable contributions to national cyber security, Dan has been recognised as the CSO of the Year and as a Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader. Having also become the author of Virtual Integrity and BYOD For You, Dan also shares his expertise on the award-winning blog Lohrmann on Cybersecurity. A seasoned cyber security speaker, Dan has formerly been invited to speak on the panel for Automotive Cybersecurity and Hacking at C-Span. When looking for a CISO with a comprehensive understanding of cyber security, don’t hesitate to hire Dan Lohrmann today.

When hired as an official cyber security speaker, Dan Lohrmann received the following feedback:

"Dan was an absolutely wonderful keynote speaker at GISEC. He did not limit his engagement to the fantastic keynote he delivered. His interaction with the media, marketing and sales teams pre-event was outstanding… His keynote was in-depth, delivered in a charismatic style and received excellent reviews. Would love to work with Dan again in the future!" - Ayusha, Portfolio Director, Dubai World Trade Centre

Theresa Payton

A highly respected authority on digital transformation and technology, Theresa Payton has enjoyed a distinguished career renowned for her former role as the first female Chief Information Officer in the Executive Office of the President at the White House. Spearheading the information security of the US Government for two years, Theresa forged an established reputation as one of the nation’s most prominent figures in cyber security. Since then, Theresa has become the Co-Founder of Dark Cubed, a business committed to cost-effective methods of cyber security, and the CEO of Fortalice Solutions LLC, another business committed to creating security programmes for a variety of private, public and non-profit organisations.

Having also been the Deputy Commander of Intelligence on CBS’ Hunted and a Member of the Cyber Defenders Council, there are few cyber security professionals as passionate as Theresa. Having led the development of a 24x7 security operations center during her tenure in the US Government , Theresa is now widely sought after as a cyber security speaker, due to her extensive experience in combatting national cybercrime. In addition to her successful career, Theresa has also shared her expertise as a bestselling author having written the titles Manipulated and Privacy in the Age of Big Data, earning recognition as the #1 Hottest Release for Campaigns and Elections on Amazon for her book Manipulated. When looking for a cyber security professional who has expertise in advising dignitaries on cyber security, look no further than Theresa Payton.

When hired as an official cyber security speaker, Theresa Payton received the following feedback:

"Theresa’s knowledge, command of cyber issues and clear articulation of the issues is second to none! She is the best and I HIGHLY recommend her." - Paul, VP of Sales, Verosint

Michael Daniel

The President and CEO of the Cyber Threat Alliance, Michael Daniel is a distinguished cyber security professional who has over 21 years of experience working in the federal government. Back in 1995, Michael began his career in the federal government working as a Program Examiner in the Office of Management and Budget, before being promoted to Branch Chief in 2001. Spending 17 years working in the Office of Management and Budget, Michael was then appointed as the Cyber Security Coordinator in the Executive Office of the President at the White House in 2012. In this role, Michael spent almost five years advising the President on cyber security, spearheading the development of government cyber security policies and implementation of such policies.

Since stepping down from his role at the White House in 2017, Michael has dedicated his expertise to working as a Member of the Aspen Cybersecurity Group, catalysing cyber security action from discussion of pressing issues. Alongside his work with the Aspen Cybersecurity Group, Michael also shares his time working as the President and CEO of the Cyber Threat Alliance and as a Member of the Forbes Technology Council. With such a decorated career in the federal government to his name, Michael is now highly sought after as a keynote speaker on cyber security. If you are looking for a distinguished cyber security professional to speak at your next event, don’t hesitate in hiring Michael Daniel today!

Brian Krebs

The Founder and author of, Brian Krebs is a decorated cyber security professional who has enjoyed a distinguished career discussing the latest developments in cyber security in his highly acclaimed blog. With former experience working as a Reporter for The Washington Post, Brian is also famed as the author of Spam Nation: The Inside Story of Cybercrime – From Global Epidemic to Your Front Door, for which he was awarded the 2015 PROSE Award. A talented investigative journalist, Brian has used his platform to expose countless cybercrimes, including the security breach of over 40 million credit cards by American retailer, Target.

A highly acclaimed expert on cyber security, Brian has been recognised for his talents with countless awards. He has been named Cyber Security Journalist of Merit and 2019 Cyber Security Person of the Year, along with being awarded the Cyber Crime Hero Award, the Chairman’s Citation Award and the President Award for Public Service. A leading expert on everything from cyber credit card fraud to cyber malware, Brian is now highly sought after as a keynote speaker on cyber security for various global conferences. When looking for a distinguished cyber security professional who will discuss how to deal with cybercrime and how to best practice cyber security, don’t hesitate in hiring Brian Krebs today.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones

The Co-Founder of the South West Cyber Security Cluster, Peter Jones is a renowned cyber security and digital forensics expert who has over a decade of experience working as a CISO. Having also been the C# Systems Developer for Eurotel and the Technical Reviewer for Forensics Magazine, Peter's expertise has also landed him the role of Visiting Fellow of the University of Lancaster - teaching future generations about mobile phone forensics, IT security and cybercrime. An eminent authority on cyber security, Peter is also renowned as the Chair of the South West Branch of the Chartered Institute of Information Security.

A leading pioneer of phone forensic technology, Peter is now highly sought after as a keynote speaker for corporate events. When hired to speak on his expertise in cyber security, Peter also shares his knowledge on incident response, educating audiences on how to recover from the most sophisticated of cyberattacks. When looking for a preeminent cyber security speaker on cybercrime, IOT, data forensics and network security, don't hesitate in hiring Peter Jones today. 

When hired as an official cyber security speaker, Peter Jones received the following feedback:

"Overall I found Peter's talk to be both informative and inspiring. He is clearly a true expert in his field, and his passion for technology and cyber security is contagious. I would highly recommend attending one of his talks to anyone who is interested in learning more about this fascinating and ever-changing field." - Chris, Co-Founder, SPOR Group

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